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Middle east quiz


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Suez Canal Crisis 1956
Egypt nationalized Suez Canal, Israel, France and Britain attacked Egypt to take it back.
Six Day War 1967
Israel defeats Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Jordan. Israel gains Golan Heights, Gaza Strip, Sinai Peninsula and West Bank
movement for Jewish homeland in Middle east, Influenced by Nationalism
Shah Pahlavi
Shah of Iran overthrown in 1979 by Islamic Fundamentalists
Ayatollah Khomeini
Leader of Iranian Revolution, supported Islamic Fundamentalism and rule by Islamic Law
Kemal Attaturk
also known as Mustapha Kemal, favored western style government in Turkey
Gamal Nasser
President of Egypt in 1950's and 60"s, nationalized Suez canal, favored government control of resources.
Anwar Sadat
President of Egypt after Nasser, made peace with Israel
Camp David Accords
Treaty between Egypt and Israel gave control of Sinai to Egypt. Egypt 1st Arab country to make peace with Israel
Islamic Fundamentalism
movement that wants to establish governments based on Islamic Law
Islamic Fundamentalists in Afghanistan, very oppressive of women
Women are treated very poorly in many Middle Eastern and South Asian countries, they have few rights and are controlled by men
Iranian Revolution
Overthrew Shah of Iran in 1979, set up government based on Islamic Law, Led by Ayatollah Khomenei
Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz
Waterways that OIL tankers must pass through to leave middle east
Main cause of Western Interest in the Middle East, has lead to great instability
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, controls production of Oil and tries to set prices
Palestine Liberation Organization, movement trying to set up Palestinian State

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