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Mass Communications 101


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1. What are the two most successful game systems of all time?
Playstation and Playstation 2
2. Which video game system is creating a new demographic of players?
3. What are the types of video games, according to guest speaker Adam Baranblat?
Casual, hardcore, traditional, serious
4. What is the average age of a video game player now? Average age of video game purchaser?
Average player is 35 yrs old Average age of purchaser is 40 yrs old
5. Name ONE of the trends Adam Baranblat said was the future of gaming.
Online gaming, user generated content, evening out in gender demographics, downloadable content
6. What is public relations according to the PRSA? How is it related to mass media?
PR helps an organization (or an individual) and it’s publics (consumers/fans) adapt mutually to each other.
7. What are some of the uses of understanding PR even if you don’t practice it?
It gives you the ability to see what is being spun, so the wool can’t be pulled over your eyes.
8. Who was Buffalo Bill and what did he have to do with PR?
Had wild wild west show that promoted itself in creation of American west mythology.
How did PT Barnum use Jumbo as a PR tactic?
He sensationalized him and made him the mascot of the company. When jumbo died it was happy because he saved a baby elephant.
10. Why won’t Ivy Ledbetter Lee ever be remembered as the father of PR?
He worked on Nazi Propaganda.
11. How did Edward Bernays bring Lucky Strike cigarettes back to life?
By making it elegant for women, made it popular. Luncheon for society girls
How are PR and advertising different?
Advertising makes you buy things, PR repairs or shapes an image. Advertising is controlled communication, PR is less controlled, simply submit a press release.
13. Name three of the PR publics.
Employees stockholders media
14. Name the services PR offers to clients.
Community services, counseling, development fundraising, Employee member relations, financial relations, government affairs, industry relations, issues management, media relations, marketing communication, minority relations/multicultural affairs, public affairs, special events and public participation, research.
15. What is a pseudo event? Name & describe 1 example of a pseudo event discussed in class.
An event staged to garner attention. Budwieser takes the Clydesdales to places to make their own news stories. Space race.
16. Describe at least three tenets of the tension between PR and journalism.
PR needs journalists to spread the word, can also block access to information, generate stories make it look like news, pr flacks journalists hacks, sometimes mistake image type things for news.
17. What is a VNR?
Video News Release, anyone can use it.. make it look like theirs 89% include no disclosure
18. Where are some places that you can go for a PR job?
19. What advertising firm does guest speaker Erin Booth work for?
Crispin Porter and Bogusky
20. Guest speaker Erin Booth described tension. Describe tension’s function in advertising.
It’s something that’s true but bad, must be admitted and worked off of.
21. Identify the tension in the Ikea ad about the lamp.
No one is buying new furniture. Or throwing out their old furniture.
22. Name one of three ways that Burger King innovated their image, according to guest speaker Erin.
“Created THE KING character”, adver- video games, fry-pod
24. In the hallway of her ad agency, Erin was told, “We are in the _________ business.”
behavior changing
25. How did Google use advertising to hire the best and the brightest?
Made an ad campaign that was a math problem and it led to more and more, so only the elite got the offers to be hired.
26. What is the upcoming Burger King ad campaign called?
Whopper virgins
27. What do ad agencies want to see in job interviews?
Passion, have a favorite ad in mind and why you like it, tons of interests and knowledge, find your niche.
28. What are digital computers
a computer that processes data reduced to a binary code
a very small computer that uses a microprocessor to handle information, a PC
mainframe computer
a large central computer to which users are connected by terminals
29. What is meant by “net neutrality?”
the internet stays as it is now, no one owns any part of it or controls how it is run. “Net should not descriminate against certain voices.”
Local Area Network: network connecting two or more computers usually in the same building.
Wide Area Network: network connecting different LAN networks
The internet was originally developed for...
military purposes
32. In the video, The Net at Risk, what two reasons does Dr. Robert McChesney give for why preserving net neutrality is so important?
He feels it’s anti democracy. If big corporations take over, it will be decades before we can re-establish net neutrality.
33. What is the information gap?
Information gap: the widening disparity in amounts and types of information available to information haves and haves and have nots.
Technology gap?
the widening disparity in amounts and types of technology available to technology haves and haves and have nots
Digital divide?
the lack of technological access among people of color, the poor, the disabled, and those in rural communities
What do the tech gap, info gap, and digital divide have to do with virtual democracy?
the idea is that the internet is supposed to be a tool for democracy, digital divide is seen as a midigation to democracy. The information “haves” have a greater ability to participate in democracy with the information “have nots”.
34. What percentage of U.S. citizens report making online purchases?
36. For Internet users, what is a “digital trail?”
a list of the websites cookies and passwords that you leave behind everytime you are on the internet
37. According to Marshall McLuhan, what is the Global Village? What are its potential advantages and drawbacks?
A global village is that the media will shrink the world. That people will become increasingly involved in one another’s lives. It’s the erosion of national sovereignty concentrated ownership. It’s threatening to the proliferation of democracy. Not everyone gets it equally.
38. What is a MUD?
Online text based game. Multi User Dimension
39. What makes a video game a video game?
A video game is a game when the player in engaged in the video on screen and has investment and a part in the outcome.
40. How does product placement occur in video games?
All the products or things that people use and see in video games are brand name
41. In gaming, what are the levels of the ESRB rating system?
EC E E10+ T M AO
42. What are the four stages in the development of the public relations industry? How do they differ from each other?
Early PR, Early 2 way communication, Advanced 2 way communication, propaganda/ publicity
43. What is viral marketing? How does it work?
It’s a PR strategy that relies on a specific demographic of internet users and relies on word of mouth to get the word out.
44. Who are public relations’ publics? What are their characteristics?
Employees: family good PR starts at home for companies. stock holders: own the corporation still “at home”. Communities: neighbors to organizations, needed for support. Media: very little communication with organization, things like press packets and news releases. Government: the voice of the people, organizations must earn the trust of the gov. Investment community: under a type of control to please the stockholders so they invest in the organization. Customers fund the company.
45. In lecture, Dr. Miles showed a commercial that used a “blonde joke” to advertise/ sell what?
46. Generally speaking, advertising campaigns attempt to turn a ____ into a ____ in the mind of consumers.
want, need
47. In 1625, this first newsbook featuring ads was published in England.
"the weekly news"
48. How did Babylonians advertise their goods in 3000 B.C
They hire people to shout out the news, barkers.
49. Who began the first full service advertising agency in the U.S.?
Volney B. Palmer
50. What change within the magazine industry around the beginning of the 20th century signaled a significant change in the relationship between consumer & mass medium?
Magazines are now financially supported by the advertisers, so now they answer to the advertisers not just the consumers. Profit increases.
51. What is the NARB and what is its function?
National Advertising Review Board, monitors potentially deceptive advertising.
52. What are “blink ads?”
1 second ads
53. Name 4 specific complaints against the advertising industry.
Intrusive, deceptive, exploits children, demeans and corrupts culture.
54. Name 4 specific defenses of the advertising industry.
Advertising supports the economic system, people use it to gather information, revenues make free mass media possible, advertising increases productivity and standard of living.
55. Name one consumer advocacy agency that monitors advertising.
56. According to the FTC, an ad is false if it⬦
lies outright, does not tell the whole truth, lies by implication, words, design, production, device or sound.
57. Name one of the “headache-causing-trends” Dr. Miles cited in lecture.
Extramercials: ads on the sides. Contextual advertising. Pop-outs
58. In terms of measuring advertising effectiveness, what is copy testing? What is a consumer jury? Forced exposure?
Copy testing: shows consumers. Consumer Jury: fill up a room of ad targets. Forced Exposure: requires advertisers to bring consumers to a theatre or something similar.
59. What are demographic and psychographic segmentation?
? Demographic segmentaion: race ethnicity age. Psychographic: appeal to lifestyles
60. What are clandestine broadcast stations?
Illegal staions by rebels or political groups.
idegenious and exogenous stations
inside, outside a region stations
61. What are the main characteristics of media systems operating under Hachten’s Western concept?
Free to do what you want be be socially responsible, and provide a public service.
Development concept?
? Government and media work together for the best development of the country.
Revolutionary concept?
Media are used as the service of revolution
Authoritarianism concept? Communism concept?
Dictator decides what goes on in the country
62. What are COMSAT and INTELSAT?
Communications Satellite Corporation. International Telecommunications Satellite Organization.
63. How did WWII and the Cold War shape US efforts in terms of becoming a “international broadcaster?”
during the cold war we created "radio free europe" "radio in the american sector" and "radio liberty" aimed to couter soviets efforts to harm our image. During world war 2 we created "Armed forces radio and telecomunications service" to send infromation on the militarys plans to people at home and all over the world.
64. What is the VOA? Historically, what has been its two, often competing, roles?
Voice of America. Counter enemy propaganda, and disseminate information about America.
65. What is a surrogate service?
an operation established by a country to substitute for ones own service. US media in Canada etc.
What are the some of the concerns/criticisms regarding Al-Hurra and al-Abda?
Concerns are why would they want to tune into pro American tv that’s government funded; surrogate service, a risk of alienating the people they want to reach because of the terminology they use, it’s angered every arab government in the middle east.

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