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AOII was established on...
January 2nd, 1897
AOII was founded at
Barnard College
The founder who was a crusader for peace and human conditions, started the War Resisters League, and ran for public office on the Socialist ticket.
Jessi Wallace Hughan
The founder was the National President during the depression years, and was the first International President as she pioneered expansion into Canada.
Elizabeth Haywood Wyman
Graduated first in her class from New York University Law School and was the framer of AOII's constitution and bylaws. She was the only founder to have children.
Helen St. Clair Mullan
Was an author of 17 books, owned an advertising agency, and was the first National President and served as AOII historian for life.
Stella George Stern Perry
What is the fraternity color and what does it mean?
Cardinal; the fundamental principles that everything else depends or hinges on.
The ruby is the fraternity
Do AOII's use crests? Why or why not?
No, our founders found that the simplicity and beauty our badge possesses is significant enough to stand alone. Crests are medieval and we are founded on Greek Ideals
The sheaf is the translation for what
To Dragma
The AOII official mail order boutique and store at AOII HQ
AOII Emporium
The award given to the best collegiate chapter in our fraternity
Headquarters is in
Brentwood, TN
Elects the Executive Board
International Council

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