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copy deck
The view seen while creating slides.
Slide Sorter
You can rearrange slides using drag and drop in ___ view.
A __ template is a color-coordinated template with predefined fonts, font sizes, font colors, and background graphics.
The printed page showing the slide and your message to the audience.
To reserve a space in a presentation for a certain type of information, use a(n) ___.
Title and Text Layout
The slide layout used to create a bulleted list is the __.
Pre-designed graphic styles that can be applied to your slides are called __.
slide layout
One way to change the layout for an existing slide is to change the __.
Slide transition
The task pane is used to set slide timings.
To have the same text on the bottom of each slide.
color scheme
The default colors for the fill, font, and line applied to AutoShapes and text boxes are based on the design template's __.
To size an AutoShape or clip art proportionally, drag a ___sizing handle.
Slides tab
Which PowerPoint window elements shows slide thumbnails that can be repositioned using drag and drop?
An animation scheme groups that has the most complex animation schemes.
Choose _____, Background to change the color of the background of a slide.
Set Up Show
To run an unattended slide show in a continuous loop, choose Slide Show on the menu bar and then ___.
A graphical way to display statistical data in a presentation is a(n) ___.
Slide Design
To change a slide's color scheme, open the ___ task pane.
To work with several objects as if they were one object, one must _____ the object.
Slide layout
Which task pane automatically opens each time you insert a new slide using the New Slide button?
sans serif
The type of font that is the easiest to read.
To view the slide and title masters, choose ___ on the menu bar and choose Slide Master.
slide sorter view
The view that displays miniature versions of slide on a screen is ___.
To print more than one slide per page, choose _____ option on the print dialog box.
Press and hold the ___ key to select multiple slide objects.

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