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Chapter 1


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Web author
Person who writes the text that will appear on each Web page.
The movement of text and graphics.
Means by which a user interacts with a computer or a computer program.
Refers to the integration of elements such as graphics, text, audio, video, animation, and interactivity.
Consists of words, letters, numbers, and other symbols.
A way to link Web pages together and allow users to move from one online location to another.
Navigation Pane
Part of FrontPage that displays the page titles of all the files that have been added to the navigational structure of the current Web site.
Web site
A group of related files organized around a common topic.
Person who manages and maintains Web sites.
Web page
A single file within a Web site that has a unique name.
Web developer
Person who uses programming skills to develop Web sites.
A drawing, chart, diagram, painting, or photograph stored in a digital format.
Hardware, such as computers, cables, and telephone wires, that is connected to create a massive worldwide network.
Live or recorded moving images.
Web designer
Person who develops the look and feel of the Web site.
Folder list
Part of FrontPage that displays the folders and files that you can access in the current Web site.
World Wide Web
This includes software that sends information that is stored in files along the Internet's hardware.
Interaction design
Part of Web site design process in which you determine how the user is likely to navigate through the site.
Contains information, such as text, graphics, video, or animation, that is stored on computer hardware.
Information design
Part of Web site design process in which you determine the content that will appear on each page.
Presentation design
Part of Web site design process in which you determine the physical appearance of the site's pages.
Task pane
Part of FrontPage that provides quick access to the typical tasks performed when creating a Web site.
Home page
The main page on a Web site which contains general information about the site.
Live, streamed, or recorder sound.

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