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ECS - Computer Terms


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communication devices
enable computers to connect to computer network
output device
Any hardware component that conveys information to one or more people
computer network consisting of a collection of internet sites that offer text and graphics and sound and animation resources through the hypertext transfer protocol
A mouse is an..
input device
application software
MSWord MSExcel OSXsafari Alice Norton Anti-virus
a machine that proforms 4 basic operations (input, output, processing, storage )
minimize button
reduces the word (or other)window to a button in the task bar
Video Card
Connects to the mother board and the monitor, creates the images that appear on the monitor
document window
where you type and format your documents
Computer-based learning
using a computer for learning and instruction
Power Supply
Supplies the power that the computer needs
list of instructions that tell the computer how to perform the 4 basic operataions (input, output, processing, storage )
menu bar
contains the menu of commands you can use to perform tasks in the program. (ex. edit, view)
displaying info, the computer shows result in a way we understand
Central Processing Unit
Is a component in a digital computer, it intreprets computer program instructions and process data.
8 bits - make up one Byte
device that enables the computer to acces other computers... network interface card NIC
A Monitor is an..
output device
a movable indicator on the screen showing where text should be inserted
To carry out an instruction after it has been decoded
Mother Board
Heart of the computer, contains socket that accept additional boards.
maximize button
enlarges the word(or other) window to cover the desktop
computer programs, made of 0s and 1s that are recorded on disks or memory inside the computer
a hand-held button activated input device that when moved along a flat surface directs an indicator
transforms data into information
holding programs and data or future use
Input Device
Any hardware component that allows users to enter data or instructions (such as programs, commands, and user responses) into a computer. Popular input devices include the keyboard, mouse, stylus, digital pen, microphone, digital camera, and scanner
Type of robotic computer program used to carry out automated tasks (Ex: search engines)
Voice Recognition
input devices that are used to issue spoken or voice commands to the computer
models of real-world activities
a program that organizes information into columns and rows
a collection of data that makes entry, retrieval and sorting easy and efficient.
world wide web.
moving data between computers
getting data into computer. devices enable the user to enter data.... keyboard mouse camara microphone
includes icons (pictures) that serve as shortcuts for common commands. (ex. save, print)
Parts of a computer we can touch on the outside
world wide web a global collectionof multi-media dockuments
Digital Cash
allows someone to pay by transmitioning a number from one computer to another. The digital cash numbers are issued by a bank and represent a specified sum of real money; each number is unique
un-organized details about objects and events that could be used in a computer
Holds and carries the software and data you are currently using
tpye of activity that uses the internet for investigation and problem solving
junk mail sent via e-mail
information proccessing cycle
input, output, processing, storage
Hard Disk
Holds the data, software and data load in to the RAM
2 or more computer systems that are connected
A keyboard is an..
input device
close button
closes the word(or other) document
Virtual Reality
an artifical environment based in computer software that appears to feel like a real environment
Optical Drive
Sits in the front of the computer case(CPU unit). BURNS, READS, cds and dvds
Artificial Intelligence
type of software that can process information on its own without human intervention
system software
operating system... ex.Windows OSX, Linux
A binary digit, a 0 or a 1.
Electronic Commerce
Also called e-commerce, it refers to business conducted via internet

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