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Computer test 2

Test Two


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copy deck
Absolute Referencing
cell references[ussualy ppreceded by a sysbol} that cannot change as a result of a move or copy operation like=$A$1
CAD system
#D graphic software for architects and designers
can you nest funtions with each other
row headings
copyrighted software marketed under a license that allows users to use the software for a trial period and then send in a registration fee if they wish to continue to use it
the text that apperas at the bottom of a document
3D charts
please use data lables
vector to bitmap
process called rasterizing
format painter
a button on the ribbon that allows user to copy formatting features of one paragraph to another paragraoh
equals sign
what excel formula always begins with
Disk defragmenter
a software tool used to rearrange the files on a disk so that they are stored in contigous clusters
control selects
non adjactent cells
proprietary software
software that carries restriction in its use that are delineated by copyright patents or license aggrements
vector images
look more cartoon like
screen tip
when you drag the fill hand you'll see screen tips wich tell you the function or purpose of the object to which you are pointing
site license
priced at a flat rate and allows all users on the network to use the site
reference in cells
is the cell number itself
a computerized or electronic spreadsheet
how many worksheet open up
a collection of data stored on one or more computers
formula in spreadsheet
a combination of muners and symbols that tells the computer how to use the contents of cells in calulations
the test that is placed in the top margin of each page
value in cells
the amount/information in the cell
format cells
specidied properties for setting a document;s apperance file type[bmp]
Software suite
a collection o findividual application sold as one package [ms office]
Software License
a legal contract the defines the way in which a user may use a computer program
a numerical model or representation of a real situation, presented in the form of a table
ctrl home
how to go to cell a1
3D rotation
can change the chats's perception, rotation and depth
undo and redo button
quck access toolbar
numbers aligned
commerical software
copyrighted computer software that is sold to consumers for profit
a program stored in ROM that loads and initializes the operating system on a computer
Audio encoding software
coverts raw audio files into a format like mp3
Compression ratio
as bulit in compression
how to get to the begining of a row
one or more files that been compresed
Concurrent use license
is the legal permission for and organizatio to use a certian number of copies of the software program at the same time
Copyright license
one the grants a user coryright privilerges to a certain program
software patch
a section of software code designed to modify an existing program to fix a specific error or add a feature
the underlying sturcture of 3d graphic
the license is bought by consumers and is the legal rights and privileges they have for that program
the smallest meaningful unti of info conatined in a data file
a form of legal protection that grants certain exclusive rights to the author of a program or the owner of the copyright
Font size
the size of the text in a document, it is determined my points per inch, there are 72 points per inch
Set up program
a program module suppiled with a software package for the purpose of installing the software
bitmap graphics
bitmap is gid of dots
Relitive referencing
a cell reference that can change if cells change postion as a result of a move or copy operation, the formula would look like "=a1" or =A1B2
Comparison operators
compares the value in a database field to teh condition value and to select all the records for which the relationshop is ture
median value
the middle value in data
a feature in a spreadsheet that automatically recalculates every formula agter a user makes a change to any cell
sampling rate for cd's
44.1 kilohertz [44,000 times per sec]
Query Language
data manipulation, a set of commands for locating and manipulating data
Bitmap compression to jpeg
open source
an approch to developing and license software in which source code remains public so it can be imporoved and freely distributed
the fields od data that pertain to a single entity in a data base
formula bar
where are teh contests of the cell displayed
gradient fill
a smooth blending of shades of differenct colors from light to dark
text alignment by default
software that endabels mulitple uses to collaborate ona project, ussualy though a pool of data that can be shared by members
Public domain
software that is available for public use without restrictions except that it cannot be copyrighted
files that have been uncompressed
stores clip art, which are graphic disined to be inserted into documents, web games and worrksheets generallyy abaiable in CD_Rom and web based collections
selects all in between
in the format cell dialog box
the number tab allows you to formate currency
cropping an image
selecting part of an image
column headings
how cameras store imaages
the amopunt of money being loaned
Presentatiuin software
allows to group text, photos, animation and deisgners
is a list of insturtions
Presentation software
allows to group text photos animation and sound [ PPT}

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