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PowerPoint quiz


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____ are used to position the content on a slide
slide transition
animation effect used to progress from one slide to the next
Key Tip
allows you to select a command using the keyboard
Title slide
introduces the presentation to the audience
a show or display
layout gallery
choose a slide layout
a single media file
vertical scroll bar
a tool in a word processor that allows the user to scroll up or down
live preview
A sneak peek at how a Gallery selection will affect your document before you make a change
microsoft clip organizer
collection of media files shared with other microsoft office application
scroll arrow
used with a mouse to shift the on-screen display up and down or left and right
the toolbar at the top of the screen that executes commands with tabs
A____ is a basic unit of a PowerPoint presentation
contains a list of commands
shared collections
clips reside on shared network file server
Custom layout
none of the standard layouts meets your needs
Fill effects
adding pattern and texture to a background
Home tab
the primary tab that contains the more frequently used commands
my collection
media files that you create stored
Landscaped orientation
default slide layout for PowerPoint
Gallery tabs
set of choices, often graphical, arranged in a grid or a list
active tab
the tab currently being displayed
boxes with dotted borders that are displayed on new slides and show where the text can be typed
task pane
allows you to search for clips
format painter
allows you to copy all formating to another object
web collections
clips that reside on the microsoft website
Selection triangle
selected graphic appears sorrounded
refers to enlarging or reducing the size of a clip art graphic
Contextual Tabs
are displayed when you perform certain tasks
Office Button
opens a menu of commands related to managing and sharing documents, including opening, printing, and saving a document, creating a new document, and preparing for distribution
sizing handles
small indicators on the selection rectangle
Microsoft ____ is an example of presentation software
print what
a list contains options for printing slides, handouts, notes, and an outline
the mode in which the presentation appears on the screen
Background Styles
designs that may include color, shading, patterns and texture
specifies the arrangement of placeholders on the slide
clip collection
combines topic-related clips into categories
Normal view
is the default view and lets you work in three working areas
quick styles
offers defined combinations of formating options
office collections
contains all the media files included with microsoft office

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