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cis lab final


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what are the 4 parts of a window?
title bar, menu bar, status bar, tool bar
what are the file extensions for excel, access, powerpoint, web page files, sound and picture files?
what is access and excel used for?
what are the 6 views of power point?
-note page
-slide sorter
what are the two types of animation?
transitions and custom animation
what are the 2 most popular web browsers used today?
internet explorer and netscape
what are the 5 form components used in ur web page form?
text feild, text area, check box, list/menu, radio group
which file should all ur files be placed in so that it could show up in astro account?
name 5 charts used in excel?
bar, line, column, pie, scatter
what is the difference between a formula and a function?
-formula: u create
-functions: are done by the computer (highlight and drag)
what are the 8 functions we used in excel?
-sum, average, min, median, mode,if,increase, decrease
what are the 2 types of references and their differences?
-relative: will increase by numbers when u scroll down. will increase by letters if u scroll to the right

-absolute cell addressing:
increase: #+(# x percent)
decrease: #-(# x percent)
*change percentage u want to incr/decr to
what does a generic "if statement" look like?
=if (condition, true, false)
what does a nested "if statement" look like?
=if(cond#1,true,if(cond #2,true,false)
when is a nested if statement necessary?
when there a re more than two options
what is the difference between PMT and IPMT?
PMT: includes rate, NPER, PV..everything is absolute

IPMT: intrest portion of payment (includes rate,PER, NPER, PV...everything absolute except PER)
what is a primary key?
special feild that makes record unique inside of a table
what are the 2 views we used for access?
design view and datasheet view
what is the hierarchy in access from largest to smallest?
database, table, record, feild
what are the 3 ways to rearrange info. in access?
sort, filter, and query
what is windows explorer?
application program included w/ windows xp that allows u to view the contents of a compute, the hierarchy of drives and folders, and files/ folders
what is a task bar?
located at bottom of screen and shows the start button

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