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Flash 7


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Used to control and coordinate the frames and layers that makeup a flash document. Used to control the timing of the animation.
Represents a unit of time
A marker that indicates which frame is currently selected on the timeline
Playing the animation manually by dragging the playhead back and forth through the frames with your mouse during development.
Contains the tools that let you draw, paint, select, and modify Flash graphics.
Selection tool
shortcut: V - selects objects in document window
Subselection tool
Shortcut: A - Modifies specific anchor points in a line or curve`
Shortcut: N - Draws straight lines (strokes) of varying lengths, widths, and colors
Shortcut: L - Selects objects or a group of objects
Shortcut: P - Draws lines or curves by creating anchor points that connect them; clicking will draw points for straight lines; clicking and dragging will draw points for smooth, curved lines
Shortcut: T - Creates and edits text
Shortcut: O - Draws ovals of different sizes and colors
Shortcut: R - Draws rectangles of different sizes and colors
View Area
Includes Hand Tool and Zoom Tool
Hand Tool
Converts po\inter to a hand that can be dragged to move the view of the stage. Especially usesful when you want to see a different area of a document that has been magnified.
Zoom tool
Changes the view of the Stage by reducing or enlarging it.
Colors area
includes options to specify the colors for strokes and fills
refe to the lines that make up a Flash graphics
refer to the areas enclosed by the lines
Stroke color control
used to set the stroke color
Fill color control
used to set the fill color
Color pop-up window
another way to select a stroke or fill color
Options area
displays tool modifiers which change the way a specific way a tool functions
Click Control then Rewind
Makes Frame 1 the of the document the current frame
Click sselection tool, then click on object in work area to select it. What is the light blue line around the object which indicates it has been selected called?
Selection marquee
How do you display a list of all available panels?
Click Window, then point to one of three panel groups, Design Panels, Development Panels, or Other Panels. Groups with check mark next to them are currently displayed.
Panel set
Group of several panels together.
Property Inspector
Provides easy access to most common attributes of currently selected tool or object.
What is one easy way to view the stage to display all of its current contents including objects in the work area?
click on the View menu and then Magnification and then show all.
What does the Show Frame command do?
It changes the magnification level so that the entire stage is visible.

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