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What is the correct entry in a host file? #troytec home page
A copyright notice located in the “head” section will appear how?
How and where are cookies stored?
Unencrypted and stored on the client.
A Unicode character set uses how many bits to represent each character?
What is the second line of MIME?
Content line
How many bits are in an IP Version 4 (IPv4) address?
32 bits
You have a multinational corporation that wants to encrypt its e-mail. What technology
do you use?
How many Web-safe colors are available to design and create web graphics?
Which of the following is not essential for a web page?
What single-key encryption method is used to encrypt and decrypt a message?
What is the point where ISPs connect with each other to form the Internet backbone?
You are going to set up over the Internet lectures for a high school for students to use,
but are utilizing a very slow connection. What would be the best format?
Real Media
You use the following code in your web page. It is not loading properly. What should
you do to fix it?
<TITLE>My Company<title>
Copyright © 2000 My Compa
Fix title tags.
What would not give a PC the ability to connect to the Internet?
Virtual Modem
What is an example of a connection type protocol?
What does LANG do?
Tells the browser what type of language to expect in the page (e.g. JavaScript).
You can send e-mail, but you cannot receive it. Which protocol should you check?
You have an object that is 40 mm X 60 mm. What is the best Dots Per Square Inch
(DPI) for the quickest download time?
72 dpi
You have no connection to the network. What can you test on your browser?
Client side script
An attack on your web site that leaves your ports half open is called what?
Syn Attack
What is the fastest connection?
Copyright protecting your work is⬦?
Not required, but highly recommended.
What does MIME stand for?
Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension
What cannot be used as a firewall?
DHCP Server
Which network device is not affected by a virus?
You have a 1,300 user database. What is the best what language to use?
Which network devices are affected by a virus?
Router and Gateway
What protocol does not use Logon Authentication?
What is true about FTP?
Users cannot change their own password.
What type of server should you install to keep email address accounts up-to-date on
client machines?
Directory Server
What is the FQDN of http:\\\top\bottom?
What do you call the first DNS server?
What language is vendor dependent?
Which step is most subject to network congestion?
Transmitting the response from server to client
Where could you find specifications for secure online transaction?
Which network connectivity device translates one protocol or technology into another
and is used to connect dissimilar network technologies?
Which web browser setting controls how a web browser receives information and
automatically downloaded content from web sites?
What does a digital signature do?
Verifies the identity of the person who applies it to a document
What is the most common way of getting information from a web surfer?
An HTML form
You have a reference page that is frequently visited. It loads very slowly. What
should you do to decrease the load time?
Increase cache size.
Which network hardware device connects dissimilar network topologies into an internetwork?
What is a valid class B address?
Which low cost device could you install to allow a user web access?
Internet appliance
How do streaming media formats allow for slowdowns in the data stream?
By building up a buffer of data before playback begins.
To which component of the Internet can individual users buy modem connections so
that they can get on the Internet?
Access point ISP
What TCP/IP protocol can be used for directory access?
Trademark protection applies to what?
Ad slogans
Which is the least secure; Internet, Extranet, VPN, or Intranet?
What protocol is the least secure?
What is the default subnet mask for the IP address
Which does not generally require an Access Control List (ACL)?
What is the most useful aspect of the JAVA language?
Cross-platform capability
What technology is used for vector-based Web sites?
What is encrypted text called?
If you want to play streaming video on your site, what is the best technology to use?
Which technology implements VPNs using IPsec?
T3 - E3 line connections have maximum speeds of what?
44.736 - 34.368 MBPS
What is the connection speed of an OC-3 line?
155.52 MBPS
Which technology provides an interactive 3-D environment?
Which Internet bandwidth technology is mainly used on the Internet backbone?
Based on speed and cost, which Internet bandwidth link type would be the best choice
for a small ISP serving 100 dial-up users?
What type of SMTP server sends e-mails it receives to a list of e-mail recipients, forming
a “discussion group”?
List server
Which two TCP/IP utilities are the most similar in function?
Which network hardware device will improve network performance?
When surfing, your browser receives the message “The server is not responding”.
What could be the problem?
The server is overloaded
What command is used to start a file transfer from a remote site?
What kind of file image supports animation?
What is the best way to run a search query to find hotels or car rentals in Concord,
Concord and California and Hotels or Car Rentals.
The success of a banner ad is usually measured how?
Clickthrough rate
Which network hardware device protects a server from malicious attacks over the
What does a tunneling protocol facilitate?
You see your server opening connections, but never completing connections. What
type of attack is this?
Syn attack
What is the fastest video card mode for displaying web graphics?
64 bit
What is one limitation of web browser cookies?
There can be a maximum of 20 cookies per domain.
Why can't U.S. sites support browser encryption that uses keys longer than 40 bits?
Most countries outside US only use browser capable of 40 bit encryption.
If no expiration date is set, how long will the cookies stay in effect?
Until the computer is rebooted.
Which standard allows several “virtual servers” all using different DNS names to be
resolved to the same IP address?
HTTP 1.1
Configuring a router to advertise routes that either don't exist nor aren't where they
say they are known as what kind of an attack?
If you want to have secure communications on your Intranet, what must you implement
in order to create your own key pairs?
A certificate server
Browsers commonly support which client-side scripting language?
Where do the majority of security violations within corporate networks come from?
Which security is the standard for secure online transactions?
In order to be an e-commerce server, a computer must offer what services?
Virtual shopping cart services
How can you find out what browser someone was using when they got an error message?
Look in the error log
Which of the following has the least impact on apparent web site performance?
RAM in the client
In order to have copyright protection, a work must be what?
Must be an original creation.
A client-side script is not working correctly. What is the most likely cause?
The web client doesn't support scripting.
What is Microsoft's preferred server-side scripting language called?
Active Server Pages (ASP)
What are the best types of documents to distribute using Electronic Data Interchange
Orders and invoices
The ANSI standard upon which EDI is based is which of the following?
How many years does a copyright offer protection for an invention?
0 years
Using a portion of a document protected by copyright as long as it does not take away
from the original document or is used for an educational purpose, falls under the realm
of which of the following?
Fair use
Which is not eligible for copyright protection?
An ingredient list
The type of technology wherein a browser must go to a site and bring information down
is known as what?
A webmaster from one site "borrows" content from another site and places it on his
own. The content was protected by copyright and the Webmaster did not obtain permission
to use it. Under what circumstance can the Webmaster do so with
If the Webmaster is doing a parody
What command is used to show TCP/IP active connections?
What is CSS in web design terminology?
Cascading style sheets
What is CSS in a server/internet capacity?
Commercial secured server
Which AT modem command is for dialing?
Which AT modem command is for resetting the modem?
What command would you use to determine the MAC address of a workstation?
What is the easiest database to set up?
Relational database
You have users connecting via RAS. What is the best way to prevent unauthorized
access to your network?
How do you ensure that you’ve seeing the most up-to-date web site page?
Use the Refresh button.
You want to allow members of your organization to send email to all other members
of your organization. Which server would be the one to use?
Which protocol has the highest security?
Where can you find the specification for an Internet standard?
You would like to install a fast line in your office, with at least 10 MBPS transfer
rate, which would be most suitable?
In a multi-tiered architecture object, request brokers can be implemented through
An ISP has assigned you a class C network address and a valid subnet mask. What
should you use to connect to the Internet?
What is the color depth of JPEG?
24 bit
Which remote access protocol does not support IPX?
How does the following code help copyright your page?
(!=User.Top On.Top)
Will not allow frame to be displayed in other web pages.
What graphic file format supports partial transparency?
What bandwidth technology uses a 53 byte cell?
Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)
What is the length of life of a copyright obtained by an author who then dies two
years later?
52 years
You browse the web, and when you enter the URL of the web page, you receive the
"error 404" message. What is the cause of that message?
The file does not exist on the server.
What Class does fall under?
Class B
What could be wrong if you can only ping and your IP address, but not the
Your subnet mask is invalid
What would you add to a workstation to setup a “dumb terminal” to provide web
browsing capabilities?
Set up the PC with a web browser client with a connection to the HTTP.
Your ISP has assigned you a valid IP address, and a valid subnet mask. They also
assigned you the gateway’s IP address. You assigned this IP address, subnet mask and a
gateway to your computer and you still cannot access the Internet. What is
ISP forgot to make a change on his router
Which HTML tag is used for the numbered list?
You use proxy server to connect to the web site. The server that hosts that site logs
all IP addresses that connect to the site. Your company has 200 IP addresses. Which IP
addresses will be logged by the server?
Only IP address of the proxy server will be logged
“Method”, “Action”, and “Input Type” are all attributes of what?
Where do most search engines get their information about sites from?
META tags
You try to connect to a web site and you receive an error message “Destination unreachable”.
What is the most likely cause of this error?
Problem with gateway
The ability to translate documents such as web pages easily into other languages is
provided by what?
A browser plug-in that supports animation, audio, video and user actions on both
Windows and Mac platforms is called what?
What browser plug-in allows objects to be rotated in three dimensions?
QuickTime VR
What digital standard has a high compression rate because it only stores changes
between frames?
What is the correct HTML syntax to create a link on a web page to
<A HREF=“”> Troy Technologies</A >

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