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Computer 7th PowerPoint


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Slide view
Displays one slide at a time in the center of the screen, allowing one to edit the slide
refers to the spot determining the position of each object in the slide
Summary Slide
creates a bulleted list from the titles of the selected slides
Slide sorter view
It appears as a column, displaying multiple thumbnail views of a few slides to the left of the current slide being viewed
Transition Effects
refer to the way in which one slide moves off the screen and the next slide appears. For example, they may move on the screen from left to right, uncovered, fade, dissolve etc.
Normal view
Displays the Slide, Outline and Notes Page views in one window, each view having its own pane
Formatting toolbar
Located directly blow the Standard Toolbar it provides easy access to formatting options
Design template
specification that controls every element in a presentation, which specifies the color scheme for the slides and the arrangement of the different elements (placeholders) on each slide
Slide Layout
a predefined slide format that determines the position of the objects on a slide.
Clip Art
refers to any picture or art image that you add to enhance your presentation.
Outline view
Located as a tab to the left of the Slide Sorter View. It provides the fastest way to edit text, there is an ease in copying text from one slide to another and rearranging slide order
Slide Show view
An electronic presentation on the computer which displays slides one at a time
Notes Page view
it corresponds to the slides, elaborating more points for the presenter to make during a presentation
Animation Effects
varies the way in which objects on a slide appear during the presentation. For example, you can make bullets, letters or words appear one at a time, in reverse order, or dim them after they appear
Drawing toolbar
Located at the bottom of the screen it appears directly above the status bar. It contains tools to easily locating features to create and edit slides

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