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Power Point Vocabulary


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5x5 rule
No more than 5 bullets per slide and no more than 5-7 words per bullet is the ______ Rule.
Slide Sorter View
Displays thumbnail (mini) version of all your slides, arranged in horizontal rows.
Text Box
Use this to be able to "draw" a place to write in anywhere on the power point slide
Normal View
Main working window in the presentation.
Outline View
Shows all the text of all slides, in a list (in outline form) to the left of the PowerPoint screen.
Animation Scheme
Combines an animation and a transition together.
Are visual movements as one slide changes to another slide.
Grouping Objects
Taking two objects and joining them together to form one object is called this
Slide Layout
Different types of slide arrangement.
Task Pane
Located on the right side of the screen and changes to show options that are available for the current task you are working on.
Box that contains title, text, body text, pictures, or other objects.
The combined use of more than one media; text, image, sound, video, etc.
Type of presentation designed to go from one slide to the next in order
Action Buttons
Links one slide to another, allowing you to "jump" slides
Drawing Toolbar
Toolbar that contains autoshapes, textboxes, lines, arrows, etc.
Are visual effects applied to individual items on the slide such as graphics, titles, or bullet points.
Group to whom you are presenting your slide show.
Click on this to draw stars and banners, basic shapes, lines, callouts and more
Each individual page of a PowerPoint presentation.
Slide Show
The presentation of all the digital slides created to be shown one after the other.
Type of presentation that allows the user to go from one slide to another and back again in any order
Design Template
Pre-existing slide design set up with different color schemes to serve as a background for individual slides.
Power Point
A Microsoft application for creating presentations, speeches, slides, etc.
Notes view
Shows a smaller version of a slide with an area provided for note-taking.
Linking text or an object to an outside resource, such as a webpage

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