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PowerPoint vocabulary and definitions


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copy deck
box that contain title text, body text, pictures, or other objects.
outline and slide pane
area that can display either an outline or thumbnails of the presentation
design template
custom design that you apply to a presentation to give a uniform color scheme and "look"
presentation tips
moderate pace, pauses, speak to audience, avoid disturbances
animation scheme
preset visual effects that control how text appears on the screen during a slide show
area where you create, edit, and display presentation
print options
slides, handouts, note pages, outline view
group to whom you are presenting
print option colors
color, grayscale, pure black and white
Keep It Simple Stupid
small dot, square, or other symbol placed to the left of each item in a list or series to add emphasis and readability
appearance of text
tips for designing presentation
have a title slide, consistent color scheme, avoid long lines of text, avoid small text, use bullets, use graphics that relate, keep charts simple, final slide a summary
task pane
area that appears at appropriate times on the right side of the PowerPoint window, displaying a list of commands
slide transition
visual effects that you can apply to enhance the way the screen changes during a slide show as you move from one slide to another
easy-to-use presentation graphics program you can use to create professional quality slide presentations
miniature version of a graphic image
annotation pen
pointer that you can use to draw on the screen during a presentation
slide layout
arrangement of text and/or object placeholders that can be applied to a new or existing slide
normal, slide sorter, and slide show

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