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Suleyman I
Ottoman Emperor; united the Arab world; conquered half of known world; laid the basis of mistrust between Muslims and Christians
Gregor Mendel
father of genetics; studied pea plants; found recessive and dominant traits
Joseph Stalin
became a merciless dictator to Russia; provoked Cold War; industrialized Russia
Sigmund Freud
father of pyschoanalysis; developed words such as ego, super ego, and id
Vasco de Gama
blazed 1st sea trail around Africa
Mao Zedong
leader of China's communist revolution; killed millions of people; ruled for 27 yrs.
Alexander Graham Bell
inventor of the telephone in 1876
Karl Marx
father of communism;
Walt Disney
1923- opened small animation studio; created worldwide media empire, brought families and countries together
Martin Luther King Jr.
voice of America's civil rights movement; leaves legacy of hope and equality; "i have a dream"..
Mary Wollstonecraft
original feminist; "a vindication for the rights of women"
Pablo Picasso
91 yrs, 20,000 works of art; changed rules of art/ redefined the shapes of paintings and sculptures
Niccolo Machiavelli
1. What is power? 2. How does power work? 3. How do you get power? 4. How do you lose power?; "the prince"; immorality in rulers belief
Elizabeth I
queen of England; one of 1st great spin doctors; reigned for nearly 45 yrs
Franklin D. Roosevelt
struck with polio; only president to be elected 4 terms; "new deal" for great depression.
Galileo Galilei
discovered modern astronomy;saw blemishes on moon; reinvented telescope; symbol for freedom and thought
Adolf HItler
German dictator; responsible for the decline of Europe; used propaganda to propel himself to power; attempted to wipe all Jews off of planet; 50 million deaths total and reason for WWII.
Albert Einstein
E=mc(squared); father of the nuclear age; published theory of relativity
Mikhail Gordachev
last leader of the Soviet Union; wanted to preserve communism; his reforms unintentionally led to the fall of communism
Thomas Jefferson
wrote declaration of independence; founding father and 3rd president; doubled US with Louisiana Purchase
Henry Ford
created the assembly line; made the infamous Model T car; built one of the greatest industrial empires in the world
Louis Pasteur
French biochemist; killed bacteria by heating; discovered pasteurization. 1. his method killed diseases 2. food was safer 3. lifespan was doubled over next century
Nicolas Cappernicus
1st scientist to understand world moves and goes around the sun; used math rather than telescopes
Nelson Mandela
1st black president of South Africa; imprisoned for 20 years
Charles Babbage
father of the computer
Isabella I
helped shape modern Spain; set in motion the Spanish Inquisition; married Kind Ferdinand
Guglielme Marconi
invented the radio at age of 21; changed the way the world communicated
James Watt
godfather of the industrial revolution; found that water + heat = steam; invented 1st practical steamboat; label units of power=watts
Jonas Salk
invented the polio vaccine in 1950s
James Watson
unlocked the DNA molecules structure; nobel prize in 1962;

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