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the sender- person, group or organization- of the message.
the process of putting thoughts, ideas, or information into symbolic form.
a communication containing information or meaning that a source wants to convey to a receiver.
the method or medium by which communication travels from a source or sender to a receiver
the process by which a message recipient transforms and interprets a message.
etraneous factors that create unplanned distortion or interferece in the communications process.
response/ feedback
the set of reactions the receiver has after seeing, hearing, or reading a message. part of the message recipients response that is communicated back to the sender. can take a variety of forms and provides a sender with a way of monitoring how an intended message is decoded and received.
types of encoding
verbal, graphic, musical, animation
semiotic perspective
the object brand, sign/symbol intended meaning/message, that make up the components t every marketing message.
communication channels
personal- personal selling and word of mouth. nonpersonal- print media and broadcast media.
AIDA model
represnts the stages a salesperson must take a customer through in the personal- selling proess. Attention, interest, desire, action.
Hierarchy of effects model
process of how advertising works through as series of steps. awareness, knowledge, liking, preference, conviction, purchase.
High Involvement thinking
informattive, cars and house buying.
High Involvement Feeling
affective, jewelry and cosmetics. feel-learn-do.
Low Involvement Thinking
Habit formation. food and household items, do-learn-feel.
Low Involvement Feeling
self- satisfactin, candy. do- feel- learn (social)
cognitive response
thoughts that occur to a message recipient while reading, viewing, or hearing a communication.
Elaboration Liklihood model
a model that identifies two processes by hich commnication can lead to persuasionan. central- ability and motivation to pocess a message is high, full attention. peripheral- motivation is low and receiver focases on othe things rather than content.

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