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SAT Prep Vocab Lesson 3

For Mr. Green's AP English 11


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facilitate (v)
to make more easy
guile (n)
slyness and cunning; craftiness
fallacious (adj)
containing a fallacy; erroneous; misleading or deceptive
grandiloquent (adj)
using high-flown, pompous, bombastic words and expressions
hypocrisy (n)
a pretending to be what one is not, or feel what one does not feel; esp. a pretense of virtue
hibernal (adj)
pertaining to winter
hindrance (n)
an obstacle
fallacy (n)
a false or mistake idea, opinion, etc.; error; and error in reasoning; flaw or defect in argument
garner (v)
to get or earn
extraneous (adj)
having no essential relation to a subject; irrelevant
facetious (adj)
joking or trying to be humorous at an inappropriate time
evanescent (adj)
tending to fade from sight; vanishing
expedite (v)
to speed up or make easy the progress or action of
exorbitant (adj)
going beyond what is reasonable, just, proper, usual, etc.; excessive
ignoble (adj)
low in character or purpose
gamut (n)
the whole range or sequence
harangue (n)
a long, blustering, noisy, or scolding speech; a tirade
expeditious (adj)
efficient and speedy; prompt
galvanize (v)
to stimulate as if by electric shock; startle; excite to imbue with life or animation
exemplary (adj)
serving as a model or example; worth imitating
germane (adj)
idiosyncrasy (n)
a mental quality or habit peculiar to an individual; a personal peculiarity
extemporaneous (adj)
made, done, or spoken without preparation; spoken with some preparation but not written out or memorized
garrulous (adj)
given to talking too much, esp. about unimportant things
iconoclast (n)
anyone who attacks or ridicules traditional or venerated institutions or ideas regarded by him as erroneous or based on superstition; an image-breaker
hypocritical (adj)
practicing hypocrisy
harbinger (n)
a person or thing that comes before to announce or give an indication of what follows
exemplify (v)
to show by example; to serve as an example
gregarious (adj)
fond of the company of others; sociable
hackneyed (adj)
made trite and commonplace by overuse
exacerbate (v)
to make more intense or sharp; aggravate (disease, pain, annoyance, etc.)
gesticulate (v)
to make or use gestures, as in speaking, or in place of speech
gratuitous (adj)
without cause or justification; uncalled for
feasible (adj)
that which may be done, performed, of effected
felicity (n)
a state of happiness

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