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COS 104 Midterm


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low-cost, typewriter-sized, microprocessor-based computers
toll booths, check out counters, pallets
uses for RFID technology
contained hundreds of transistors (faster)
why were transistors replaced with integrated circuits
high-level language
makes it possible for scientists, engineers, and businesspeople to solve problems using familiar terminoogy and notation rather than cryptic machine instructions
on this keyboard, letter placement was chosen to reduce typing speed, making it less likely that typist would hit two keys at the same time ad cause the machine to jam
does it concentrate or equalize power
allows information to be broken into packets and then sent across the network
it's free
what's the advantage of open-source in third world countries
where do you find the CPU and main memory in a computer
port (Firewire and USB)
a socket that enables information to pass in and out of the system
it used the Internet instead of telephone lines
what is unique about using a telephone with VoIP
the amount of traffic that can pass through a line of communication at once
24-bit color depth = true color
CPU with a clock speed of 3.2 gightz can perform tasks twice as fast as a processor that runs 1.5 gightz
Skype, email, web browsers
require a network to use
led to developing the silicon chip
significance of sputnik launch
term originating from creators of "...The Holy Grail," meaning unsolicited junk email
he display quality of a monitor is determined in large part by the monitor's resolution and color depth.
any system of two or more computers that are linked together
needed to replace ASCII because it allows 65,000 characters instead of 256
Linus, OsX, and Windows
three most commonly used operating systems
massively multiplayer online role playing games
MMORPG stands for
machine language
uses numeric codes to represent the most basic computer operations
what aspect of our inner self does it reflect
flash memory
a type of erasable memory chip that can serve as a reliable, low-energy, quiet, compact alternative to disk storage
hardware devices or software programs that route messages as they travel between networks.
Apple's logo
name one thing protected by trademark
correct abbreviation for the term megabit
which has a longer signal range: 802.11g or bluetooth
embedded system
a system containing a processor that typically cannot be reprogrammed, like components in the dashboard of a car, or the electronics on a coffee maker
LCD screen
example of something protected by a patent
who does it benefit
system software
a class of software that includes the operating system and utility programs, handles these details and hundreds of other tasks behind the scenes
electronic "tunnel" through the Internet that uses encryption and other security measures to keep out unauthorized users and prevent eavesdropping
fastest, most powerful computers made; used in simulated crash testing, oil exploration, computer animation and medical imaging
predictability, homogeneity/expense, bugs
what are the advantages and disadvantages of one company (Microsoft) dominating 90% of the PC industry with its OS and software applications
Bill Gates planned to make money by manufacturers of PCs
room sized machines with price tags to match; used by banks or airlines; industrial strength in climate controlled rooms
The access time for most memory is faster than the access time for a hard disk
almost all commercially marketed software is protected from duplication by
integrated circuits
reliable, sized, speed, efficiency, cost trumped the vacuum tube
Moore's law
every 18 months, computer chips become twice as fast while the price stays the same.
maps, search, shopping, mail, video, chrome
interesting features of Google
data is transmitted long-distance between networks on a collection of common pathways known as the
ergonomic keyboard
place the keys at angles that are easier on your arms and hands without changing the ordering of the keys
founded microsoft
Bill Gates and Paul Allen
silicon chip
replaced the transistor
number of pixels in columns and rows on a screen
what are its effects on the land
around the world, software developers lose more than 50 billion annually due to
thumb drives are made of flash memory
when you install software on a computer you must agree to these terms
digital millenium copyright act
DMCA stands for
smallest amount of information a computer can process is a
I uploaded the Publisher file from my computer to Moodle
Which statement is correct: I uploaded the publisher file from my computer to Moodle or I downloaded the Publisher file from my computer to Moodle
mainframe computers are no longer in use
motherboard or bus
the CPU and main memory are both connected to the
computer that provides other computers connected to the network with access to data, programs, or other resources.
personal computer designed to be carried around
What numerical value does 00110101 represent?
IBM will never be interested in an electronic computing machine
IBM told John Atanasoff
a byte
a group of 8 bits
does it serve community
San Jose
nicknamed Silicon Valley
open-source software
is free software which you can edit
what computer company did Steve Jobs help start?
global positioning system
GPS, helps you find directions in your car
there is a virtual sweatshop for MMORPGs: True or False
software applications
enable users to control computers without having to think like programmers do
what values does it foster
rules for the exchange of data between a terminal and a computer, or between two computers
a geostationary satellite travels counter-clockwise around the earth
when you are working on a program on your computer, where is it temporarily stored?
your bank acount is out of date
describe a phishing scam
developed by Linus Torvalds
which wireless signal transmits data at a faster rate: 802.11g or 802.11b
analog signal
a continuous wave
a set of step-by-step procedures for accomplishing a task
Ethernet is one of the most popular network architectures used today
translates English words created by a high-level programming language into the zeros and ones recognized by a computer
how does it affect the quality of life
software license
legal agreement, includes limitations on your right to copy disks, install software on hard drives, and transfer information to other users
vacuum tube
was replaced by the transistor in 1948
Liquid Crystal Tubes and Cathode Ray Tube
what is the difference between LCD and CRT moniters
150 feet
how many feet does a Bluetooth signal reach
shut down Napster
What the RIAA use DMCA to do
Windows OS
name one thing protected by copyright
what other technologies might it make possible
providing wi-fi
one use for a router
founded apple
who are steve jobs and steve wozniak
Bluetooth technology
makes possible for PCs, handheld computers, an mobile phones to communicate with each other, regardless of their operating systems
what is its impact on craft
hard drive
where are programs on your computer stored when they're not being used?
year of sputnik launch
digital signal
a stream of bits

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