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CIS TEST 2- PowerPoint


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A ____ is a file containing predefined settings that can be used as a pattern to create many common types of presentations.
A ____ is an individual “page” of your presentation.
The ____ locates all misspelled words, duplicate words, and capitalization irregularities as you create and edit a presentation, and proposes possible corrections.
Spelling Checker
The ____ is supplied with the program; a ____ is one you can create to hold words you commonly use, such as proper names and technical terms, but aren’t included in the main dictionary.
Main Dictionary
Custom Dictionary
The ____ controls the way items are arranged on a slide.
A ____, also commonly referred to as a ____, is a set of characters with a specific design.
____ is a non-text element or object, such as a drawling of picture, that can be added to a slide.
A ____ is an image such as a graphic illustration or a scanned photograph.
A ____ becomes part of a presentation file and can be opened and edited using the ____, the program in which it was created
Embedded Object
Source Program
____ is the order in which objects are inserted into different lays of the slide.
Stacking Order
To make editing easier, you can use the ____ feature to find text in a presentation and replace it with other text.
Find and Replace
A ____ is used to organize information into an easy to read format of horizontal rows and vertical columns.
Cells in a table are identified by a letter and a number, called a ____.
Table Reference
____ controls the position of text entries within a space.
A ____ is a professionally created slide design that is stored as a file and can be applied to your presentation.
Design Template
A ____ is a special slide or page that stores information about the formatting for all slides or pages in a presentation.
____ such as animation, sound, slide transitions, and builds are used to enhance an onscreen presentation.
Special Effects
____ adds action to text and graphics so they move around on the screen.
____ control the way that the display changes as you move from one slide to the next during a presentation.
____ are used to display each bullet point, text, paragraph, or graphic independently of the other text or objects on the slide.
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