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what are the five common anti-virus software programs?
1. norton- symantec
5.Back ups(ultimate anti-virus)
What is the digital divide?
-people that have technology and people that don't have technology
what is computer literacy?
knowledge and understanding of computers
what is the definition of a computer?
-electronic device under control and instructions stored in its own memory.
-accepts, process, and delivers data
what is the information process?
-input (data into computer)
-communication (share w/ others)
what are the advantages of using a computer?
what are the disadvantages of using a computer?
-violation of privacy
-impact on labor force
-health risks (addiction to computer)
-impact on enviroment (taking jobs away)
what is the internet?
the worlds largest network and is the infrastructure on how things move/transfer
what is the world wibe web?
where billions of documents called web pages are available to anyone connected to internet (the smaller part of internet)
what are the 2 most popular series of the internet?
-pc and compatibles use the windows operating system
-apple machintosh uses the machintosh operating system
this type of computer sits on top of a desk....?
desk top
what is a tablet PC?
resembles a letter sized slate and allows u to write on the screen using a digital pen
what does PDA stand for and what are some of its features?
personal digital assisstant
-calender, appointment book, phone book
what are the 3 types of servers?....describe them.
*midrange server- powerful, large computer that supports a few thousand computers

*mainframe-very powerful, expensive computer, supports thousands of computers

*super computer-cost in the trillions/billions of dollars, the fastest, most expensive, used for application requiring math
what is a embedded computer?
special purpose cars
what 5 things make up the information system elements?
who is Tim Berners Lee?
created the www
what year did internet and what group/agency came from the creation of the internet?....what was their goal
-ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency), which wanted to communicate/share info, even if network were disabled (still funtion)
what oversees research and sets the standards and guidelines....who is the director?
-www consortium (W3C)
-tim berners- lee
what type of internet does temple use and what does it allow u to do?
-Internet 2 (I2)
-research and development are done on internet and new technologies are created
what are the names of the 3 main providers used to connect to the internet upon recieving a new computer?
dial-up, dsl/cable (broadband), or wireless
what are the differences between dial up and DSL/Cable (broadband)?
-dial up
~slow,disconnects, ties up phone line

~faster,always on,multiple computer access, not available everywhere
what are the 3 ways to access the internet?
3.wireless internet service provider
what is a "domain name"?
-site name that is used
-text version of internet protocol(IP)...example, ".com"
the first page that a website presents is called what?
home page
what is downloading?
process of computer recieving info.
what is a URL ans link?
-uniform resource locater
- built in connection to another related link
what are the nine basic types of websites?
1. portal
what is multi media?
application integrating text w/ other graphics, thumb nails, animation, audio, video, plug ins, or virtual reality
what is web publishing?
development and maintenance of web pages
what does email and FTP stand for? what is FTP?
-electronic mail
-File Transfer Protocol (internet standard that allows u to upload and download files)
what is internet telephony and netiquette?
-internet telephony enables users to speak to other users over the internet using their computers

-netiquette is the rules for using the internet
what is RAM , index.html, and PUT?
RAM is the auto recovery memory, when u make a change and dont hit save, but does it automatically

-index.html: temple website homepage

-PUT: put whats on USB drive to astro
who are the founders of google?
larry page and serger brin
what is a browser and search engine?
browser- takes computer code, interprets it, and display it to u so u can see (internet explorer, net scape

search engine: program used to find web pages pertainng to a specific topic
what is a "spider/crawler" and cached pages?
-program used by search engines to find web pages tht contain text

-even if page doesnt exist, hit button, maycome back
what does "Hit" and "-" mean?
-any web name that lists as result of search

-means not ex. cheroke-jeep
who were the co-founders of microsoft?
paul allen and bill gates
what was the first PC?
altair 8800
what company invented the microprocessor chip?
what computer club was highlighted in the video?
Homebrew computer club
what company marketed the first commercial PC?
apple computer company
what was the first "killer application" for the PC?
the program "visa- calc", which was relaeased as a spreadsheet for apple computers.

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