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IC3 Basics Key Applications 1-14 and Living Online 1-3 Terms


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(ISP) the remote computer system through which you can connect to the internet
Internet Service Protocol
a setting that is automatically used unless the user chooses a different option
a computer that uses the services of another program. used to contact and obtain data or request a service from the server
to move through the pages of a document on the screen without repositioning the insertion point
turn an option on and off using the same procedure
(URL) an address for a resource or site on the world wide web
Uniform Resource Locator
a temporary storage area for text and/or graphics that are to be cut or copied and then pasted to another location
the display of a document in a simple layout
normal view
(HTTP) the protocol used to transmit and receive all data over the WWW
Hypertext Transfer Protocol
(WWW) a collection of resources and interlinked documents that work together using a specific Internet protocol
World Wide Web
a global network connecting millions of computer, making it possible to exchange information
identifies the disk and any folders relative to the location of the document
the display of a document where the display shows the document as it will look when it is printed
print layout view
identify text for editing and formatting
connections in a document that allow you to jump to another page in the document, another document, a help screen, or to a web page
a computer that handles requests for data, email, file transfers, and other services from other computers (clients)
drag the mouse to move or copy selected text to a new location
drag and drop
a consistent design with elements such as fonts, graphics, colors, and backgrounds
an area upon which you can draw, arrange, and reize multiple shapes
drawing canvas
converting two or more cells into a single cell
a file that contains formatting and text that you can customize to create a new document similar to the original
to trim a graphic
the intersection of a single row and a single column
converting a simgle cell into two or more cells
unit of measure for fonts
prepared pictures and other artwork you can insert into a document
document prints with long edge at the top
landscape orientation
document prints with short edge at the top
portrait orientation
page breaks that Word automatically formats as needed when text reaches the bottom margin
soft page break
in a paragraph, all lines but hte first "hang" are indented to the right of the first line
hanging indent
a manual page break
hard page break
nonprinting lines that display on the screen to show the boundary lines of a table
the process of using a computer to combine text and graphics to create an attractive document
destop publishing
set of formatting characteristics that you can apply to text, tables, and lists in your document
only the first line of the paragraph is indented
first line indent
provide placement guides for adding text, pictures, tables, and charts.
allows you to view a PowerPoint slide in full view
slide show view
starts the animation on a PowerPoint slide
diplays PowerPoint slides as thumbnails
slide sorter view
specifies a color scheme, text format, background, bullet style, and graphics for all the slides in a powerpoint presentation
slide design
a view of a presentation that shows the outline pane, the slide pane, and the notes pane
normal view (for powerpoint)
pre-designed sets of visual effects added to text on powerpoint slides
animation schemes
a wide variety of picture, photographs, sounds, and video clips that you can insert in your document
clip organizer
the way text and objects are arranged on a powerpoint slide
slide layout
a selected group of cells
a chart created on the same worksheet as the data
embedded chart
identifies the column letter and row number
cell reference
cell reference that contains both absolute and relative cell references
mixed cell reference

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