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Network+ Chapters 7 - 15


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A customer calls your ISP’s technical support line, complaining that his connection to the Internet usually goes as fast as 128 Kbps, but today it is only reaching 64 Kbps. He adds that he has tried dialing up three different times with the same result
What part of the PSTN acts as a bottleneck for data throughput?
local loop
What is the purpose of ISDN’s D channel?
carry call session information
What can X.25 do that Frame Relay cannot do?
provide error correction
Suppose you work for a bank and are leasing a Frame Relay connection to link an automatic teller machine located in a rural grocery store with your bank’s headquarters. Which of the following circuits would be the best option, given the type of use thi
On an ISDN connection, what device separates the voice signal from the data signals
at the customer premises?
Terminal adapter
Which of the following WAN links is the most reliable?
Which of the following customers would a symmetrical version of DSL best suit?
a radiology clinic that uploads and downloads real-time images to and from a hospital across town.
What technique enables DSL to achieve high throughput over PSTN lines?
data modulation
You work for an Internet service provider that wants to lease a T3 over a SONET ring. What is the minimum Optical Carrier level that the SONET ring must have to support the bandwidth of a T3?
Which two of the following are asymmetrical versions of DSL?
What technique does T1 technology use to transmit multiple signals over a single
telephone line?
b. time division multiplexing
. The science museum where you work determines that it needs an Internet connection capable of transmitting and receiving data at 12 Mbps at any time. Which of the following T-carrier solutions would you advise?
c. ten T1s
A local bookstore that belongs to a nationwide chain needs a continuously available
Internet connection so that staff can search for the availability of customer requests
in the database stored at the bookstore’s headquarters. The maximum thr
What part of a SONET network allows it to be “self-healing”?
its double-ring topology
Which of the following may limit a DSL connection’s capacity?
the distance from the customer to the carrier’s switching facility
Which of the following access methods is currently used to provide Internet access
in wireless hot spots such as cafés and libraries?
IEEE 802.11
(Note: Answer D, “IEEE 802.16” is an acceptable answer, as 802.16 (Wi-MAX) could be used to connect the hot spots to an ISP; however, it wouldn’t typically be used to connect clients to the hot spots’ access points.)
You work for a consulting company that wants to allow telecommuting employees to connect with the company’s billing system, which has been in place for 10 years. What do you suggest as the most secure and practical means of providing remote LAN access
b. dialing into a terminal server that’s connected to the same network as the billing system server
Why is broadband cable less commonly used by businesses than DSL or T-carrier
because most office buildings are not wired with coaxial cable
Suppose you used a T1 line to carry your company’s analog voice calls and data signals to and from your local phone company’s central office. What device, or part of a device, in your company’s data center would terminate the T1 connection?
Your company has decided to order ADSL from its local telecommunications carrier.
You call the carrier and find out that your office is located 17,000 feet from the nearest central office. Given ADSL’s potential throughput and your distance from t
2 Mbps
(Note: This applies to “Full Rate” ADSL, whose maximum potential downstream throughput is 8 Mbps.)
Which of the following is the most popular communications protocol for dial-up
networking connections to an ISP?
You have decided to set up a VPN between your home and your friend’s home so that you can run a private digital telephone line over your DSL connections. Each of you has purchased a small Cisco router for terminating the VPN endpoints. Which of the fol
A VPN is designed to connect 15 film animators and programmers from around the state of California. At the core of the VPN is a router connected to a high performance server used for storing the animation files. The server and router are housed in an ISP
any type of Internet connection
What is the function of a redirector?
to determine whether a request is meant for the client CPU or the server
Which of the following must be installed on a Windows XP client workstation for it to be able to log on to a Windows Server 2003 server? (Choose all that apply.)
b. Microsoft Client for Networks
d. the TCP/IP protocol
. What are the three tiers in a 3-tier architecture?
c. client, middleware, server
If Maria’s user account belongs to the Teachers group on a Windows Server 2003 network, and the Teachers group has read and execute permissions for the Lessons folder, what can Maria do with documents in the Lessons folder?
d. Open an existing document.
Suppose you own a computer that has a Pentium 100-MHz processor, 128 MB of RAM, and a 4-GB hard disk. If you wanted to install Windows Server 2003 on this computer, what is the minimum hardware upgrade you must perform, if any?
a. Replace the processor with one capable of at least 133 MHz.
You have created a printer object for a new HP LaserJet in your Windows Server
2003 Active Directory. Before users can print to this printer, what else must you create
in Active Directory?
a. a printer share
What is the purpose of a container in an NOS directory?
d. to organize similar objects for easier management
What is the relationship between threads and multiprocessing?
c. Processes are made of threads; threads within a process can be handled by different processors to improve server performance.
In comparing an NOS directory to a tree, what elements are analogous to leaves?
d. objects
When a server’s RAM is fully utilized, where can the NOS store unused information
b. in a page file on its hard disk
You work at an organization with 12 servers and 1000 employees, each of whom works full-time and has his own workstation. Which Windows Server 2003 licensing mode would be most economical?
b. per seat
What primary advantage does Windows Server 2003 gain by assigning each operation its own 32- or 64-bit memory area?
a. Multiple applications running simultaneously are isolated and, therefore, are less likely to adversely affect each other.
Suppose you have designed a domain tree for your business, National Maps. In that
domain tree, you have created two domains: Research and Publishing. You want users from the Publishing domain to be able to open documents on servers within the Resear
c. two-way trust
Suppose you have created the appropriate trust relationship between the Research
and Publishing domains in the example from Question 13. What must you do next so that users from the Publishing domain can open documents on the Research domain’s ser
b. Assign Publishing domain users permission to access resources on the Research server.
The domains Research and Publishing belong to the same Windows Server 2003 forest. You can, therefore, assume that they share the same:
c. schema
You have just installed Windows Server 2003. You decide to customize an MMC to
make the task of creating users and groups simpler. After running the MMC program, what must you do so that this MMC will help you manage users and groups?
a. Add the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in.
What is the common name in the following distinguished name:
c. atipton
In a Windows Server 2003 domain tree, what is the one domain from which all
other domains and their containers emanate?
d. root domain
You are a user on a Windows Server 2003 network who wants to print a memo to a
printer across the hall. What kind of name would your client software use to direct
your memo to this printer?
b. relative distinguished name
Which file system must a Windows Server 2003 use to accept Macintosh clients?
You are the network administrator at a large company. You regularly create new user
objects for new employees. To ensure that the new employees choose their own passwords, what option do you select when creating their user account?
a. User must change password at next logon
Suppose you are adding a new server to an existing Windows Server 2003 network that consists of five servers and 1800 users. The new server will be dedicated to providing Web services and will not hold Active Directory information. What type of
c. member server
You have decided to create a test network to determine whether Windows Server
2003 is the right NOS for your organization. You have an older computer you consider
using for the test server. The computer’s hard disk is currently formatted with
d. Delete both partitions and create a new NTFS partition using the space from both.
What is the purpose of replication on a Windows Server 2003 network?
c. to create multiple instances of a domain tree’s Active Directory database in case one server fails
You are the network administrator for an architectural design firm, Keystone Allied.
You have designed the network with three domains in its tree: Administration, Design, and Building. The Administration domain contains three child domains: Executiv

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