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Early Computer Animation


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 We looked at 3 early computer animation systems: GENESYS, KEY FRAME ANIMATION and CAMP. Who developed each and what are the primary characteristics of each?

GENESYS-Ron Baecker and Lynn Smith.first animation language.KEY FRAME ANIMATION-Nestor Burtnyk and Marceli Wein. first departures from the m

 What did Frank Sinden create? What was it the first of?
illustrated the educational potential of computer movies in his article "Synthetic Cinematography." first educational computer-generated film and a mission statement to demonstrate the power of computer animation.
An artist named Stan Sztaba used CAMP to create a piece called Vegetable Soup. Why was this significant?
first "second-generation" piece
There are four eras of Computer Graphics. Name and define each one. Name one person or company from each era.
Pioneers inventors, artists, researchers, and in the military. They pushed the limits of an evolving technology to take it past where scientists thought it could go.
What did Michael Noll create? What was it the first of?
created both scientific and artistic films at Bell Labs. Four-dimensional Hypercube stereoscopic projections calculated for two eyes and the stereo projections of moving four-dimensional objects
What is Bell Labs?
Kenneth Knowlton, Frank Sinden and A. Michael Noll were developing beginning experiments with the animated film.
What is Moore’s Law?
number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits had doubled every year since the integrated circuit w
What were three barriers to computer graphics?
high cost, lack of understanding of the type of software needed to generate pictures, Many of the early computer graphics were "toys"
Who is Ben Laposky? What are Occillions?
created the first graphic images generated by an electronic (analog) machine. oscillographic artworks
Who is Charles Babbage? What did he invent?
diference engines.
Who is Ivan Sutherland? What did he create? What was it the “first:” of?
hooking a Cathode Ray Tube up to the computer, wrote "Sketchpad"
Who is Kenneth Knowlton. He created BEFLIX. What did this stand for? What was it?
Bell Flicks, developing beginning experiments with the animated film.
Who is William Fetter? What did he develop?
coined the term "computer graphics", first draw the human figure using a computer

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