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Saturday Morning


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 Name the three big animation studios of Saturday morning.
hanna-Barbera, Jay Ward, DePatie-Freleng
If Disney had been the studio to look to for how to do things in feature films, what studio played that role in Television?
In theatrical animation, animators produced about 5-12 feet of animation per week. How many feet did they produce for a TV animated series each week?
 Hanna-Barbera perfected a technique called Limited Animation. What are the characteristics of Limited Animation. Name 10.
character poses are held longer. Movement is more stylized. Only what needs to move, moves. Cut to a character's face as it reacts to an off-screen bit of action. Leaving the drawing stationary but shaking the camera to register an impact. Background
What was the focus of the Hanna-Barbera studio?
To develop cartoons for the small screen. Created characters that were "pals".
What was Hanna-Barbera’s first series? What other series did they produce?
Ruff and Reddy Show 1957
The Flinstones were a “first”. What were they the “first” of?
  1. First Prime-time animated television show
Why was the content of the Flintstones different that other prime time television shows of the 1960s?
mild critique of American consumer culture.
The Flintstones were modeled after a live action television program. What was it?
The Honeymooners,
The Flintstones began on a new network, ABC. Why would ABC give an animated series a shot in prime time when the other networks would not? How does this relate to the Simpson’s at Fox network in the 1980’s?
ABC had younger executives who were open to alternative programming such as animation.
Hanna-Barbera was known for hiring the very best animation talent available. Why would they hire people good at the principles of animation when they were producing Limited Animation. What was the advantage of this?
better animation
 What series is DePatie-Freleng known for?
Pink Panther
 When Jay Ward was making the pilot for Rocky and Friends, he trusted associate Len Key to find a way to pay for it. Key sent the “below the line” work to Japan. Define “above the line” and “below the line” work.

key frames -above

tweening, cleanup -below 

What are the issues with sending work overseas?
no direct oversight

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