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Graphical animation


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What are the characteristics of graphical animation?
  1. Two-dimensional
  2. Oblong or angular shapes
  3. Strong anti-realistic use of backgrounds
  4. Large
 After the war, Disney focused on theme parks and TV. What were his two big TV shows? What did they teach? How was this consistent with Disney’s perspective?
2. Jungle Book – in many ways this was the last hurrah for Disney feature f
Mickey Mouse Club,The Disneyland Show,how to be friends.
In Jungle Book (the original), there is a scene in which Baloo is trying to figure out how to tell Mowgli that he has to go to the man-village. In this scene, Baloo has a hand gesture that begins at the back of the neck, pulls around and pauses on the chi
body language
All of the series at Warner had rules that framed the world of that series. What are the rules of Roadrunner? What is the main conflict in Roadrunner? What is the appeal of the series?

Road Runner cannot harm the Coyote except by going, “Beep! Beep!”
What style of animation did Chuck Jones develop at this time?
created a new series called the Bugs-Bunny Road Runner Movie.
What is the relationship between Tweety and Sylvester?
Always trying to catch eat him
UPA developed the “I” style of animation. What are the characteristics of the “I” style of animation?
Angular "I" style of animation developed by John Hubley, Two-dimensional Oblong or angular shapes Strong anti-realistic use of backgrounds Large areas of color Reflected a visual culture influenced
8. What is the cross-over dissolve? What piece illustrates this?
Foreground remaining as the background drops out and reappears, Gerald McBoingBoing
What is the focus or perspective of UPA studios?
experimentation in a modernist approach to cartooning that was graphical, with a emphasis on time, space and cross-over transitions. Thoughtful, comical stylize drawings that revealed the animation process. Cerebral humor.<
What was the first animated horror film?
Tell-Tale Heart
What does the circle motif in this piece become a metaphor for?
  1. the old man's eye
  2. the idea of being watched
  3. the guilty that comes full circle
Who is George Dunning? What feature film did he direct? Why is it important graphically?  What defeats the Blue Meanies?
yellow Submarine, Visual style was never pushed quite so far in a commercial release, love

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