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Theatrical Cartoons


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Why were Theatrical Cartoons called Theatrical Cartoons?
animated shorts shown before and during "intermission" at the movie
What are the characteristics of the 1930’s -40’s? How do they differ from the previous era? How were they the same?
development on character and story, story related gags,
 How did live action actors such as Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton influence the animation of this time?
used as reference
 What was Disney’s focus or perspective?
character animation and story
How did the working environment at Disney differ from other studios at the time?
Created an atmosphere of open information exchange
  1. Insisted that everyone shart their views and teach each other what they know
What did Disney mean by “realism”?
He wanted to the audience to connect with the characters
Who invented the drawing disk and pegs bars? How did Disney change these and why?
Raoul Barre, rotated it upside down
Disney’s gags were better than other studios because he understood that there were 3 things that were necessary to make the gag funny. What are they?
timing, staging, storyboards
What is the purpose of the principles of animation? 
create illusion of life
Disney used the creation of the Silly Symphonies for two very specific reasons that are NOT entertainment. What are they
train new artists and test new styles and effects
What is significant about Skeleton Dance?
first silly simphony,
What is significant about The Three Little Pigs? What did the song, the Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf mean in the 1930’s?
Established the storyboard and preproduction process, Symbol of hope during the Depression.

 What is significant about Flower and Trees silly simphony?


first use of color
What did The Old Mill test?  What did it prove?
The multiplane camera, depth of field
Who made the first multiplane camera? It wasn’t Disney.
special effects guy of the time.
willis O'brian
Who, at Disney Studios, made the first REAL storyboard? For what piece?
3 little pigs, web smith
What is significant about Snow White?
first full length feature animation
Who are the 9 old men of Disney?
les clark, ollie johnson, frank thomas, wolfgang Reitherman, John Lounsberry, Eric Larson, Ward Kimball, Mitt Kahl, Marc Davis

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