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early animation


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What is a character archetype?
stock character types that we find in almost all stories and linear narratives today
 Who discovered and developed the Hero’s Journey
Joseph Campbell
Describe the primary progression of the Hero’s Journey
There is a hero.The hero is flawed. Call to Adventure. forced on a quest meets a mentor or ally who will help him through his quest. There are major obstacles, villains and thresholds that get in his way.meets his objective, retrieves his boon and
What do archetypes have to do with animation?
animated films employ and exaggerate archetypal characters.
Many of the themes of early animation deal with dreams and hallucinations that were influenced by movements in art and psychology. What are they?
What is the Persistence of Vision? Who discovered it?
brain retains the image of that object for a moment longer than it was actually present to the viewer,Peter Mark Roget
Who developed the Praxinoscope?  How did this development lead to the development of the first public viewing of animation?
Emile Reynaud, first commercial projections on a wall for public viewing.
Name an animation that was shown based on this technology. What was the content of these films? Why was drawing important to this artist?

Un Bon Bock (A good beer). animation is not a drawing that moves, but movement that is drawn
Who are the Lumiere Brothers?How did they put Emile Reynaud out of business?
One of the first filmmakers, used photography
How did comics, vaudeville and the circus influence the development of early animation?
Early animation was largely created by people who created Sunday comic strips for major newspapers. Blackton, who worked in vaudeville, created "Chalktalk"  Drew comics for New York Evening News.  Hired by E
 What did Eadweard Muybridge invent? What is he famous for?
Zoopraxiscope, series of images in successive phases of movement (running horse).
Who is Thomas Edison and how did he contribute to the development of animation with both Muybridge and J. Stuart Blackman.

Created a camera that could capture successive images in a single camera for a single viewer (Kinetoscope)

 What wss J. Stuart Blackton’s main focus or perspective? What technique did he develop? 2examples

drawing comics, stop motion,The Enchanted Drawing, haunted hotel
Who figured out what J. Stuart Blackton was doing? What did he develop?
Emile Cohl, stop motion
Who is the first animated character? What piece did this character appear in.
Fantouche, Fantasmagoria
Name 3 characteristics of Winsor McCay’s animation that made it different for the period of early animation.
  1. Believable personality
  2. Gertie has motivation, emotion and thought as oppose to simply action
  3. First animated story with ris
What is the first character animation? What makes this a character animation as opposed to an animated character?
Gertie, Believable personality, Gertie has motivation, emotion and thought as oppose to simply action
Who developed the first registration system?
John Fitzsimmons, McCay's assistant.

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