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Practical Computer Literacy Capter 14


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copy deck
vie convenient for building the basic structure of your presentation and for adding speaker notes
normal view
to work effectively on all slides
outline tab
add graphics and visual effects to one lside at a time
slides tab
allows you to view miniturized versions of all the slides in a presentation - easy to arrange slides as needed
slide sorter view
What should you do if you want to give a condensed version of your presentation?
hide slides
an effect that specifies how a slide replaces the previous slide during a presentation
caused the slide to advance after a specified amount of time
automatically after
a template you can modify to create a consistent look for your presentation - all slides can be changed at once
slide master
typically used to draw attention to bullets as they appear on the slide during a presentation
animation effects
remind you what to say about each slide - contain printed versions of each slide to allow you to maintain eye contact with your audience
speaker notes
gives handouts a professional look by drawing a thin black line around them
frame slides option

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