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Practical Computer Literacy Chapter 8


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copy deck
the deign or typeface of each character
features that include font, font size, bold, italic, underline, and text color
text attributes
used to change the formatting features of an entire document
select all
used to apply multiple formatting options to selected text
font dialogue box
the space between each letter
allows you to apply animation effects to selected text
text effects
shows you how your formatting affects the selected text before you apply it
preview area
positioned straight against the left margin, but appears uneven on the right margin
left-aligned text
positioned between th emargins and is typically used for titles
centered text
both left and right margins aligned
justified text
rarely used, but can be useful for headings in a paper or for the return address in a letter
right-aligned text
unlike bold, itlaic, and underlinging, theses options apply to an entire paragraph
alignment options
predefined formatting that you can apply to selected text
name an advantage of using styles
they allow you to be consistent in formatting text throughout a document
symbol placed before each item in a list
a list with a number in front of each item on the list, implying the items are in order
numbered list
en easy way to align text in columns
text will be aligned on the left side of the tab
left tab stop
text will be aligned on the right side of the tab
right tabe stop
line of punctuation characters, such as periods, that fills the area between text and a tab stop
first line of text is more to the left than the rest of the paragraph
hanging indent
typically used to add comments to blocks of text or cite references to other documents
footnotes and endnotes
appears at the bottom of the page that contains the corresponding superscript number
appears at the end of a section or chapter
hidden symbols that indicate paragraph breaks, spaces, and tab stops
format marks
grid consisiting of rows and columns
intersection of each row and column

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