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IMA Ch.3 Creative Structures


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The order in which the various sections of a song occur is called the song's __________.
A song's _______ may exist simply to introduce a melody or mood that is going to recur again in latter sections.
What is often presented in the intro of a song?
What part of the song contains the same chords and usually the same melody each time it occurs within the song's form.
The ______, a refrain usually repeated between verses, generally has the same chords, melody, and lyrics each time it occurs in the songs.
A song's _______, however, contrasts in mood or rythm to offer a reprieve from repetitions of verse and chorus.
The section of a song used to feature a particular instrument is called the ________.
A very short instrumental section may also be considered a _______ as opposed to a solo.
A song can be written to conclude by just fading away or with the supplement of an ______ -an aditional unique musical section that terminates the song.
What are the three basic landmarks in the construction for a "classic three-act pardigm"?
Introduction, Complication, & Ultimate Resolution
What is the purpose of the hook?
The purpose of the hook is to gain the audience;s attention and engage them in the plot.
What is the purpose of the exposition?
The purpose for the exposition is to provide the background info, providing the framework or context needed to sumpathize with the story's characters and situations.
What is the Plot Point One?
The plot poin one is a major event or action which is the transition that propels spectators on to the second act.
What is the midpoint?
The midpoint usually occurs halfway through the second act, this post is oftenreferred to as the point of no return. Shortly following, the peak of all tension is reached and resolution soon ensues.
What is the climax?
The climax is the point of the highest drammatic tension in the story, this is the incident toward which virtually all previous action has been aimed. The climax classically concludes the second act.
What is the Protagonist?
The main character in a script of film, the story revolves around this indidual and the occurrences he or she endures;the protoganist is the character that goes through change.
What is an Antagonist?
This is a character who serves somehow as the protoganist's foil; the individual will bring about some sort of change inthe principal post.
What is an icon?
It is a recurring physical element that symbolically important to the story.
What is the term MacGuffin?
This term is in reference to an object inserted into a film to motivate the cast; it may give the impression of importance, but in actuality, it bears no ultimate significance to the viewing audience.
What are two forms of visualization?
Storyboards and Flowcharts.
What are storyboards?
They are the main images displayed shot by shot and assembled in the form of a comic strip. These models are created for all scenes of a film or animation, and sometimes require many months of work.
What are flowcharts?
They are models typically utilized in the more technical arena; all the paths a user may select using a piece of spftware are identified and mapped, constituting a wildly useful planning and checking tool for content providers and creators alike.
Who do must you employ for fast-paced scenes involving a lot of special effects to sample-shoot with models, stop-motion animation, or even computer animated renditions in place of relying on their still-drawing predecessors for clues.

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