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a common type of Internet server that stores PC office applications, databases, or other applications and makes them available to client programs that request them
application server
a company that manages and delivers application services on a contract basis
applicatioin service provider (ASP)
short for web log, a personal web page that oftern carries diary- like entries or political commentaries.
an internet connection such as DSL or cable modem that offers higher bandwidth, and therefore faster transmission speed, than standard modem connections
broadband connection
E-commerce transactions that involve businesses providing goods or services to other businesses
business-to-business (B2B)
E-commerce transactions that involve businesses providing goodsor services to consumers
business-to-consumer (B2C)
a type of broadband Internet connection that uses the same network of coaxial cables that delivers TV signals
cable modems
small files deposited on a user's hand disk by web sites, enabling sites to remember what they know about their visitors between sessions
a term used to describe the internet and other online networks, especially the artificial realities and virtual communities that form on them
a web site that can display dynamic, changeable content without having constantly redesigned pages, due to an evolving database that separates the site's content from its design
data-driven web site
a system for purchasing goods and services on the internet without using credit cards
digital cash
a term that describes the divide between the people who do and do not have access to the internet
digital divide
a type of broadband connection to the internet offered by phone companies
DSL (digital subscriber line)
a dedicated, direct connection to the internet through a LAN, with the computer having its own IP address
direct connection
business transactions through electronic networks
electronic commerce (e-commerce)
a specialized server that acts like a local post office for a particular internet host
email server
extensible markup language, a language that enables web developers to control and display data the way they control text and graphics. forms, database queries, and other data-intensive operations that can't be completely constructed with standard HTML ar
private TCP/IP networks designed for outside use by customers, clients, and business partners of an organization. These networks are typically for electronic commerce
software that, for the most part, keeps offensive and otherwise inappropriate web content from being viewed by children on-duty workers, and others
filtering software
a form of distributed computing in which not files by processing power is shared between networked computers
grid computing
an HTML document is a text file that inculdes codes that describe the format, layout, and logical structure of hypermedia document. Most web pages are created with HTML
HTML (hypertext markup language)
an alternative internet-style network that provides faster network communications for universities and research institutions.
a business that provides its customers with connections to the internet along with other services
internet service provider (ISP)
connecting different types of networks and computer systems
internet working
a self-contained intraorganizational network that is designed using the same technology as the internet
a platform-neutral, object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems for use on multiplatform networks
a web scripting language similar to, but otherwise unrelated to, Java
dial-up internet connections; named because they don't offer much bandwidth when compared to other types of connects.
narrowband connections
standards not owned by any company
open standards
the standard techinque used to send information over the internet. a message is broken into packets that travel independently from network to network toward their common destincation, where they are reunited
a software extension that adds new features
a web site designed as a web entry station, offering quick and easy access to a variety of services
technology in which browsers on client computers pull information from server machines. the browser nedds to initiate a request before any information is delivered
pull technology
technology in which information is delivered automatically to a client computer. the user subscribes to a service and the server delivers that information periodically and unovtrusively.
puch technology
a broadband technology available through many of the same satellite dishes that provide television channels to viewers.
satellite internet connections
sound files that play without being completely downloaded to the local hard disk
streaming audio
video clips files that play while being downloaded
streaming video
an HTML-like language designed to make it possible to link time-based streaming media so that, sounds, video, and animation can be tightly integrated with each other
SMIL (synchronized multimedia integration language)
the address of a web site
URL (uniform resource locator)
networks that use encryption software to creat secure "tunnels" through the public internet
virtual private networks
programs such as Macromedia's Dreamweaver that work like desktop publishing page layout programs to allow users to create, edit, and manage web pages and sites without having to write HTML codes
web authoring software
an invisible piece of code embedded in HTML-formatted email that is programmed to send information about its receiver's web use back to its creator
web bug
a server that stores web pages and sends them to client programs-web browsers-that request them
web server
new kinds of web based applications that can be assembled quickly using existing software components
web services
part of the internet, acollection of multimedia documents created by organizations and users worldwide. documents are linked in a hypertext web that allows users to explore them with simple mouse clicks
world wide web (WWW)XHTM
markup language that combines features of HTML and XML; its advantage is its backward compatibility with HTML

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