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Common Suffixes


undefined, object
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ish (Irish, bookish, freakish, boorish, sluggish, blackish, selfish)
the nature of, resembling
ance, ancy (performance, discrepancy, infancy)
state of, process of
aster (criticaster, poetaster)
one that is inferior, worthless, or not genuine
ast (ecdysiast)
one connected with
ator (radiator, mediator, vibrator)
n - one that does (specified something)
ance (1 - attendance, deliverance, appearance 2 - resemblance, temperance, 3 - conductance, transmittance)
1) action of process, instance of an action or process 2) quality or state, instance of quality or state 3) amount or degree
-ia, -y (amnesia, mania, democracy, anarchy)
act, state
ism (neologism, optimism, pessimism, communism)
.doctrine, system, characteristic quality
-isk, -iscus (asterisk, a little star)
ability/ibility (washability, readability, legibility)
capacity , fitness, or tendency to act or be acted on in a specified way
ative (authoritative, consultative, normative, quantitative; formative, talkative)
adj - of, relating to, or connected with; tending to
ate (1 - advocate, duplicate 2 - sulfate, alcoholate 3 - pontificate
1) one acted upon in specified way 2) chemical compound or complex anion derived from a (specified) compound or element 3) office, function, rank, state, group of persons holding a (specified) office or rank, having a specified function, or being in a specified state
-ectomy (thyroidectomy, appendectomy)
ify (sanctify, mortify, purify)
to make into
an (glucosan)
unsaturated carbon compound, anhydride representing a polymer of a carbohydrate, intramolecular anhydride of a carbohydrate
ancy (buoyancy, pliancy)
combination of -ance and -y, used to form nouns denoting state or quality
acea (Crustacea, Cetacea)
animals characterized by. denotes classes in zoology
ase (oxidase, protease)
suffix used in the names of enzymes
-ics (optics, physics, basics)
things having to do with
ize (rationalize, normalize, realize)
to make into
less (tearless, loveless, fearless, friendless, noiseless)
aceous (herbaceous, cretaceous, solanaceous)
1) characterized by, of the nature of 2) belonging to or connected with a division of animals characterized by or of their nature of
ata (stomata, Vertebrata)
n - one characterized by having (specified feature) - often in names of zoological groups (latin)
-agog, -agogue (demoagogue, pedagogue)
ant (1 - assistant, claimant, applicant, contestant 2 - annuitant, 3 - inhalant , 4 - antifogant
1) one that performs a specified action, personal or imperson agent, thing that promotes a specified action or process 2) person or thing connected with 3) thing that is acted upon in specified manner 4) thing that is used for specified purpose. added only to latin bases, except for coolant
arium (aquarium, planetarium)
thing or place belonging to or connected with
-ic, -tic, -ical, -ac (dramatic, biblical, cardiac)
having to do with
ana/iana (Americana,, collegiana)
a suffix that forms collective nouns denoting an assembly of items, as household objects, art, books, or maps, or a description of such items, as a bibliography, all of which are representative of or associated with the place, person, or period named by the stem
aceae (Rosaceae, Acanthaceae)
plants of the nature of
a ( 1 - phenomena, data 2) cinchona 3) Georgia, Roberta 4) ceria)
1) a plural ending of nouns borrowed from Greek and Latin, 2) a feminine singular ending of nouns borrowed from Latin and Greek 3) an ending of personal names forming feminines from masculines 4) a suffix designating the oxide of the chemical element denoted by the stem
-logy (neurology, cosmology, biology, geology, etymology, cardiology)
study field of
ation (computation, flirtation; civilization, discoloration)
n - action or process; something connected with an action or process
acean (rosacean, crustacean)
organism characterized by, organism of the nature of (adjective variant -acea, -aceae)
-phobia (arachnophobia, claustrophobia, photophobia)
exaggerated fear of
ac (hemophiliac, maniac, nostalgiac)
one affected with
-ism (pacifism, monotheism, terrorism, communism)
belief in
ary (1 - seminary, aviary, 2 - secretary, notary, 3 - discretionary, parliamentary, budgetary)
one that belongs to/is connected with - 1) (n) especially place of 2) person belonging to, connect with, or engaged in 3) (adj) of or belonging to or connected with
ally (semantically, realistically)
attached to adverbs formed from adjectives ending in -ic with no alternative form ending in -ical
-ist (terrorist, monotheist, atheist, communist, pacifist)
one who believes in, one who practices
an/ian/ean (1 - American, Indian, 2 - statistician, 3 - mammalian, crocodilian, 4 - Cambrian)
1) of, belonging to 2) skilled or specializing in 3) belonging to specific zoological group 4) belonging to a specified geologic period
ane (propane, methane)
a suffix used in names of hydrocarbons of the methane or paraffin series
-or, -er (murderer, doctor, actor, teacher, socializer, mentor)
one who takes part in, does
atory (respiratory, observatory)
adj - of, belonging to, or connected with; serving or tending to
ful (frightful, delightful, pitiful, cheerful, colorful, dreadful)
filled with
ar (1 - molecular, polar, 2 - spectacular, triangular 3 - annular)
1) of or belonging to 2) being 3) resembling (chiefly in words containing l and often an -le- will be changed to an -ul-, e.g. triangular, muscular)
arian (totalitarian, vegetarian, tractarian)
person who supports, advocates, or practices a doctrine, theory, or set of principles
-oid (asteroid, spheroid)
resembling, like-shaped
-cide (suicide, patricide, infanticide, homicide, herbicide)
kill, killing
-Acea is ANIMALS of the nature of, and -Aceae is plants of the nature of
What is the difference between -acea and -aceae?
ee (payee, giftee, abductee, refugee, employee, appointee)
one who receives
dom (kingdom, freedom, wisdom, sheikdom, fiefdom)
condition, office, state
acene (anthracene, napthacene)
aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbon containing three or more fused benzene rings in straight linear sequence
ification (mortification, deification, simplification)
process of making into
-ite (meteorite, cosmopolite, New Jersey-ite)
one connected with
ist (artist, moralist, idealist, materialist)
one who performs, one adherent to a belief or system of beliefs
able, ible (changeable, drinkable, visible, flexible)
able to be, capable of being
ization (realization, capitalization)
process of making into
ate (1 - consumnate, degenerate 2 - assassinate, decorate
1) acted upon in a specified way, brought into or being in a specified state, characterized by having 2) t act in specified way, cause to be modified or affected by, cause to become, furnish with
-sis (analysis, symbiosis, photosynthesis)
act, state, or condition of
able/ible ( 1) breakable, connectible 2) agreeable, changeable, peaceable, knowledgeable)
1) capable of, fit for, or worthy of 2) tending to, given to, favoring, causing, able to, liable to

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