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Dog of Pompeii 2


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sham battles and athletic sports were free for the asking in the great stadium
fake; pretense; deception
Did I say Bimbo never left his master? (Perhaps I had better say comrade, for if anyone was the master, it was Bimbo.)
friend; companion; buddy; pal
When Tito woke, Bimbo would be sitting quietly at his side, his ears cocked, his stump of a tail tapping the ground.
inclined; tilted; angled
At suppertime, the same thing happened; although there was less of everything, for things were hard to snatch in the evening with the streets full of people.
grab; grasp; seize; take
Bimbo didn't approve of too much food before going to sleep. A heavy supper made boys too restless and dogs too stodgy...
heavy; having trouble digesting food; feeling stuffed
There was plenty or rainwater in the hollows of soft stones
empty spaces or indentations; depressions
He could not romp with the other youngsters and play hare and hounds and I spy...and kings and robbers with them.
frolic; play; horse around
"H'm," Tito would murmur, half through his lips, half through his nostrils.
speak softly; mutter; mumble; whisper
"Ah," he'd sniff and say as they passed a handsome villa. "H'm," Tito would murmur, half through his lips, half through his nostrils.
Or, as they passed a small but elegant dwelling opposite the public baths,...
house; home; residence; abode

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