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my vocabulary 11


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a person who praises important or powerful people too much and in a way that is not sincere, especially in order to get sth from them
a condition in which a person or animal's upper jaw is too far forward in relation to their lower jaw: She was a fifth-grader when she got braces to correct an overbite and a gap between her two front teeth.
break even
to complete a piece of business, etc. without either losing money or making a profit: The company just about broke even last year.
pelt sb (with sth)
to attack sb by throwing things at them: The children pelted him with snowballs. We were pelted with rotten tomatoes.
be even
to no longer owe sb money or a favour: If I pay for the meals then we're even.
1 (especially of a girl or young woman) showing a lack of respect, especially in a cheerful and amusing way: a pert reply
2 (of a part of the body) small, firm and attractive: a pert nose pert features
a neat line that you make in sth, for example when you fold it: trousers with a sharp crease in the legs
ply sb with sth
1 to keep giving sb large amounts of sth, especially food and/or drink: She plied us with tea and cake.
2 to keep asking sb questions: He plied me with questions from the moment he arrived.
shop around (for sth)
to compare the quality or prices of goods or services that are offered by different shops/stores, companies, etc. so that you can choose the best: Shop around for the best deal.
1 pep
2 pep sb/sth up
1 energy and enthusiasm
2 to make sb/sth more interesting or full of energy: Pep up meals by adding more unusual spices. A walk in the fresh air will pep you up.

1 a long thin mark or line that is a different colour from the surface it is on: There was a streak of blood on his face. streaks of grey in her hair, dirty streaks on the window, streaks of sunlight
2 a series of successes or failures, especially in a sport or in gambling: a streak of good luck, to hit (= have) a winning streak, to be on a losing streak, a lucky / unlucky streak I am on a cleaning streak.
cluster (noun)
1 a group of things of the same type that grow or appear close together: a cluster of stars The plant bears its flowers in clusters. a leukaemia cluster (= an area where there are more cases of the disease than you would expect)
2 a group of people, animals or things close together: a cluster of spectators, a little cluster of houses
thwart ~ sth| ~ sb (in sth)
to prevent sb from doing what they want to do: to thwart sb's plans / ambitions / efforts She was thwarted in her attempt to take control of the party.
one of the parts of a female animal's body that the young suck in order to get milk
1 ~ to sth not affected or influenced by sth: impervious to criticism / pain The Japanese economy is supposed to be impervious to market forces.
2 ~ (to sth) not allowing a liquid or gas to pass through: an impervious rock / layer, impervious to moisture
the top part of the head, especially when there is no hair on it: The sun beat down on his bald pate.
be / get even (with sb)
to cause sb the same amount of trouble or harm as they have caused you: I'll get even with you for this, just you wait.
to run taking long relaxed steps: The dog loped along beside her. He set off with a loping stride.
1 to think about whether you should do sth, or how you should do sth: You're too young to be contemplating retirement. I have never contemplated living abroad.
2 to think carefully about and accept the possibility of sth happening: The thought of war is too awful to contemplate. I can't contemplate what it would be like to be alone.
3 to think deeply about sth for a long time: to contemplate your future She lay in bed, contemplating.
1 (of ships, buses, etc.) to travel regularly along a particular route or between two particular places: Ferries ply across a narrow strait to the island. The train plies twice a day between Paris and Madrid. canals plied by gondolas and steam boats, ships plying the route between Tripoli and Malta
2 to use a tool, especially in a skilful way: The tailor delicately plied his needle.
2 ~ sth/sb (with / in sth)
1 to make sth completely wet (soak): The continuous rain had saturated the soil.
2 to fill sth/sb completely with sth so that it is impossible or useless to add any more: The company claimed to have saturated the market for personal organizers (= so that no new buyers could be found).
ploy (to do sth)
words or actions that are carefully planned to get an advantage over sb else: a clever marketing ploy It was all a ploy to distract attention from his real aims.
even (NUMBERS)
that can be divided exactly by two: 4, 6, 8, 10 are all even numbers (opposite - odd)
1 (woes) the troubles and problems that sb has: financial / economic woes Thanks for listening to my woes.
2 great unhappiness: a tale of woe
clash with sth (of colours, patterns or styles)
to look ugly when put together: The wallpaper clashes with the carpet. The wallpaper and the carpet clash. Do you think these colours clash?
flat (about a drink)
no longer having bubbles in it; not fresh: The soda was warm and had gone flat.
clash (sth)(together)
to hit together and make a harsh ringing noise; to make two metal objects do this: The long blades clashed together. She clashed the cymbals.
clash with sth (of events)
to happen at the same time so that you cannot go to or see them both: Unfortunately your party clashes with a wedding I'm going to. There are two good movies on TV tonight, but they clash. a clash in the schedule
1 to become unsteady and fall down; to make sth do this: The pile of books toppled over. He toppled backwards into the river. He brushed past, toppling her from her stool.
2 to make sb lose their position of power or authority (overthrow): a plot to topple the President
a soft black or brown substance formed from decaying plants just under the surface of the ground, especially in cool wet areas. It can be burned as a fuel or used to improve garden soil: peat bogs, peat extraction, a peat fire (= one in which cut pieces of peat are burned)
1 a short piece of wood, metal or plastic used for holding things together, hanging things on, marking a position, etc: There's a peg near the door to hang your coat on. Mark the boundary with pegs.
2 (also tent peg) a small pointed piece of wood or metal that you attach to the ropes of a tent and push into the ground in order to hold the tent in place
3 (also tuning peg) a wooden screw for making the strings of a musical instrument tighter or looser
cluster (together)
to come together in a small group or groups: The children clustered together in the corner of the room. The doctors clustered anxiously around his bed.
clash (with sb) (over / on sth)
to come together and fight or compete in a contest: The two sets of supporters clashed outside the stadium. The two teams clash in tomorrow's final. Demonstrators clashed violently with police.
2 to argue or disagree seriously with sb about sth, and to show this in public: The leaders clashed with party members on the issue. The leaders and members clashed on the issue.

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