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Agriculture Domestication of animals. Agrcultural revolution.

Permenant settelments. Settlements engaged in trade specialization and Division of Labour Developed.
Men Began to Dominate Weomen
Better Tools. Fibers where woven around this time.
Civilization; State; Calendar
Complex culture includes 1. urban focus
2.Distinct religous structure 3. new political and military structures and structure
5. Development of writing
6. Artistic and intellectual activity.
How Was Neolithic Culture an advance on earlier hunter-gathering cultures?
Perm settlements, Agriculture, Domestication of animals and the use of Beasts of Burden. Refinement of tools.
How did early civilizations advance beyond neolithic culture?
1. Urban Centers
2. Development of writing
3. Religion
4. Government and Military.
5.Social structure.
Define Neolithic Revolution and Civilization.
N-New stone. Primarily an Agricultural revolution including the Domestication of Animals and Permenant settlements.
C-A complex culture in which large numbers of human beings share a number of common elements.
Hows is Mesopotamian religion religion different from modern western religion?
gods dwelt symbolically in temple complexes in the centers of cities. Polytheistic, Subservient to the gods.
Why is writing associated with Civilization?
Used to keep records and maintain knowledge of previous practices and events.
Be able to compare mesopotamia and egypt, in politics, religion, and geography.
Egypt/Geo/Shelterd by deserts to the e/w and rapids to the south./Pol/Pharoes divine kingship, ruled with Ma'at./Reli/Polytheistic many cults.
Meso/Geo/Open to attack, River valley Civ little wood but lots of mud devastating floods, scorching winds./Pol/Theocracy, Gods ruled the cities, Divine Kingship./Reli/Polytheistic. Each city had a god. Subservience mortals did the work of the gods. Divination was commonplace.
List Egypt's and Mesopotamia's contributions to later peoples.
Egypt, Infuenced nubian culture, Solar Calendar, Led to the age of empires.
Meso, Number systems based on 60, More Refined Writing, Irrigation.
What are the small nations and why did they flourish after the decline of egypt.
Know the succession of empires that followed the small nations and be able to briefly describe each.
Hebrew Religion.
Assyrian's, Violent Warlike.
Persia, Large.
Babylon, Wise,
Why would the hebrews be considerd a source of western culture? (Religion is only part of the answer)
Monotheism, Progress, Universal morality.
What was the culture of Crete and Mycenae like?
Why is the trojan war important for Greek culture?
Inspiration for the iliad.
What social pressures lead to colonization and how did these make it easier for democracy to take place?
Overpopulation with a shortage of food, Poverty and the growing divide between social classes. Tyrants came about and afterwards so did democracy.
How is greek Democracy Different from our Government?
open debates, Mag's chosen by lot.
What was spartan culture like?
Violent and warlike with extreme emphasis on military culture.
What were the causes and consequences of the peloponesian war?
Cause, Sparta and her supporters feared the growing society of Athens.
Conse's, Greece remains oblivious to the looming threat of macedonia from the north. A general weakening of Greece leading to its eventual takeover.
How did the persian wars change athens?
Delian League, Democracy, No Succesion,
Why did the sophists seem dangerous to traditional people?
Sophists denied divine forces and concentrated on improving ones self rather than speculating on natural order or the gods.
Why might they think socrates was a sophist?
He used the "socratic method" for teaching which is the use of ones own reasoning to lead ones self to answers.
How are Plato and Aristotle alike? Different?
Both wished for an effective form of government. Aristotle however tried to find the ideal form of gov through examining previous govs. Plato wished fo an ideal state based upon an ideal form of justice.
What contributions did the greeks make to western culture?
Architecture, Philosophie, Forms of government,

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