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Anthropology Test


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limited purpose money
may be hard to use in many situations (like cowrie shells)
potlach ceremony
burn goods; renews economy
preferred behavior
several ways of behaving are acceptable. one is more highly regarded than the rest
practiced to assure supernatural powers will be kind; prohibited actions b/c of beliefs
belief that animals, plants, trees, and other physical objects possess within them an unseen spirit, or soul, that gives them life
!Kung Bushmen call Christmas
praise the birth of white man's god-chief
yap stone
large stone wheels on pacific islands of yap that are symbols of great wealth because they are carried there from far away
what do navajo value most?
fetish used to attract good spirits
cultural relativism
understand before judging
large surplus society
societies with advanced horticulture, agriculture, and herding
society with obligations to pay favors back
jobs people do for others
lesson of No Pineapple At All
don't request a gift; can't refuse giving the gift
market economy
everyone makes his livelihood by selling something to the market
the anticipation of another's message through insightful guesswork
typical behavior
several ways of behaving are more or less acceptable. one is more common.
alternative behavior
several ways of behaving are acceptable. none is considered better than the others.
soft goods
less durable items
a belief that tries to explain how the universe is ordered and where the place of humans is in that universe
compulsory behavior
the culture provides only one accepted way of doing things
original definition of stereotype
a process for making a plate of typed metal which can be used for reproducing identical copies
person in society in who's hands lies supernatural power
restricted behavior
certain ways of behaving are acceptable only for some members of society, but not for the society as a whole
lesson of Not Enough Watermelon
guests can't pay for any gifts
all that lies beyond our ability to touch and grasp and completly understand
subsistance society
produce no surplus beyond a tiny amount
fetish used to ward off evil spirits
the process of learning to live in one's culture
modest surplus society
exist where horticulture and agriculture are known
lesson of Too Many Bananas
trading wasn't considered buying; to refuse a gift shames the giver; regift what is given to you
used to put a person in control of supernatural forces
hard goods
durable materials
ancestor worship
belief in the spirits of dead ancestors
6 suggestions are
beware of stereotypes, see the common humanity in people, recognize a different scale of values, develop human empathy, discern interrelationships between language and culture, study cultures for their intrinsic worth
cultural determinism
the idea that a culture largely determines what a person can and cannot become
current definition of stereotype
shortcut in thinking and abbreviated guide to action
kula ring
trobriand islanders in south pacific trade necklaces and bracelets in a circle
things humans use
general purpose money
can be used anytime (like dollars)
dumb barter
one group leaves goods, other group comes and takes them and leave their goods
indirect language used by Iranians; polite to be insincere
gift exchange
cultures trading surplus for needed with other cultures
magic words or objects used to seek to gain supernatural power

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