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디쓰 썰 버쓰 2, 피해:Inez did a ~ to her parents by informing the police that they were growing marijuana in their garden.
다이 얼 널 2, occuring during the daytime:~ is the opposite of nocturnal. A nocturnal animal is one that is active primarily during the night; a ~ animal is one that is active primarily during the day.:The rising of the sun is a ~ occurrence; it happens every day.
디 바인 2, <남의생각을>간파하다:I used all of my best mind-reading skills, but I could not ~ what Lester was thinking.:n.divination
다이 벌쥐 2, 누설하다:We begged and pleaded, but we couldn't persuade Lester to ~ the secret of his chocolate-chip cookies.
다 큐 멘트 1, to support with evidence, esp. written evidence:The first ~ed use of the invention occurred in 1978, according to the encyclopedia.:Arnold ~ed his record breaking car trip around the world by taking a photograph of himself and his car every hundred miles.:The scientist made a lot of headlines by announcing that he had been taken aboard a flying saucer, but he was unable to ~ his claim, and his colleagues didn't believe him.
도울 드뤔즈 1, low spirits; a state of inactivity:This word is plural in form, but it takes a singular verb. In addition, it is almost always preceded by the. To sailors, the ~ is an ocean area near the equator where there is very little wind. A sailing ship in the ~ is likely to be moving very slowly or not moving at all.To the rest of us, the ~ is a state of mind comparable to that frustratingly calm weather near the equator.:Meredith has been in the ~ ever since her pet bees flew away; she mopes(느릿느릿돌아다니다)around the house and never wants to do anything.
도울 풀 1, 서글픈:A long, ~ procession followed the horse-drawn hearse(헐쓰 장의용 마차)as it wound slowly through the village.:An essentially interchangeable word is dolorous(도울 뤄 러쓰 1)
도울트 열등생:"Dolts and idiots," said Mrs. Anderson when her husband asked her to describe her new students.
도우 티쥐 1, 노망:My grandmother is in her ~; she spends all day in bed watching soap operas and combing the hair on an old doll she had as a little girl.:A senile person is sometimes called a dotard(도우 털드 1)
double entendre
더 벌 언 트완 드뤄 1,4:두 뜻으로 해석되는 말 ((그 중 하나는 상스러운 뜻임)):A word or phrase having a double meaning, esp. when the second meaning is risque(음담패설):The class president's speech was filled with ~s that only the students understood; the teachers were left to scratch their heads as the students rolled on the floor.
두월 다우워 가까이하기어려운:The Latin teacher was a ~ old man who never had a kind word for anyone, even in Latin.:severe:The police officer ~ly insisted on giving me a speeding ticket, even though I had been driving scarcely more than twice the posted limit.
다운 케스트 1, directed downward:The children's downcast faces indicated that they were sad that Santa Claus had brought them nothing for Christmas.:풀이죽은:The entire audience seemed downcast by the end of the depressing movie.
다운 플레이 1, represent as being insignificant:The doctor had tried hard to ~ the risks involved in the operation, but Harry knew that having his head replaced was not minor surgery.
드뤠이 코우 니이 언 2, harsh; severe;cruel:This word is very often capitalized. It is derived from the name of Draco, an Athenian official who created a notoriously harsh code of laws. Because of this history, the word is most often used to describe laws, rules, punishments, and so forth.:The judge was known for handing down ~ sentences; he had once sentenced a shoplifter to life in prison without parole.:Mrs.Jefferson is a ~ grader; her favorite grade is D, and she has never given an A in her entire life.
드로울 humorous; amusing in an odd, often understated, way:This word is slightly stilted(과장된), and it is not a perfect substitute for funny in every situation.:The children entertained the dinner guests with a ~ rendition(공연) of their parents'm style of arguing.:The speaker's attempts to be ~ were met with a chilly silence from the audience.
드롸쓰 worthless stuff, esp. worthless stuff arising from the production of valuable stuff.:In metal smelt(제련하다)ing, the ~ is the crud floating on top of the metal once it is molten(주조된). Outside of this precise technical meaning, the word is used figuratively to describe any comparably worthless stuff.:Hilary's new novel contains three or four good paragraphs; the rest is ~.:The living room was filled with the ~ of Christmas: mounds of wrapping paper and ribbon, empty boxes, toys that no one would ever play with.
두 뤠쓰 2, 협박:Mr.Maloney was under ~ when she bought her son a candy bar; the nasty little boy was screaming and crying.
이 클리 지 애쓰 티 껄 4:having to do with the church:The priest had few ecclesiastical duties, because he had neither a church nor a congregation.:The large steeple rising from the roof gave the new house an oddly ~ feel.
이 클립쓰 2, to block the light of;:In an ~ of the moon, the sun, earth and moon are arranged in such a way that the earth prevents the light of the sun from falling on the moon. In an ~ of the sun, the moon passes directly between the earth and the sun, preventing the light of the sun from falling on the earth. In the first sentence, the earth is said to ~ the moon; in the second instance, the moon is said to ~ the sun.:빛을잃게하다:Lois's fame ~ed that of her brother, Louis, who made fewer movies and was a worse actor.:빛을바래게하다:The spelling team's glorious victory in the state spelling championship was ~ed by the arrest of their captain on charge of possessing cocaine.
이이 딕트 1, 칙령:The new king celebrated his rise to power by issuing hundreds of ~s governing everything from curbside parking to the wearing of hats.
에 더 피쓰 big, imposing(인상적인) building:Mr. and Mrs. Stevens had originally intended to build a comfortable little cottage in which to spend their golden years, but one thing led to another and they ended up building a sprawling ~ that dwarfed all other structures in the area.
이 펙 추 얼 2, 효과적인:Polly is an ~ teacher, but not a masterful one; her students come away from her class witha solid understanding of the subject but with little
에 피 커 씨 2, 효능:Federal law requires manufacturers to demonstrate both the safey and the ~ of new drugs. The manufacturers must prove that the new drugs are efficacious(에 피 케이 쉬어쓰 3)
에 퍼 쥐 1, a likeness of someone, esp. one used in expressing hatred for the person of whom it is a likeness:The company's founder had been dead for many years, but the employees still passed under his gaze, because his ~ had been carved in the side of the building.:The members of the senior class hanged the principal in ~;they made a dummy out of some old burlap bags and strung it up in the tree beside the parking lot.
일 레이 션 2, 의기양양함:Harry's brother's ~ at having defeated him in the golf match was almost more than Harry could bear.:To feel ~ is to be elated. To cause to feel elated is to elate.
일 렉 토 뤝 2, the body of people entitled to vote in an election; the voters:In order to be elected, a candidate usually has to make a lot of wild, irresponsible promises to the ~.:The losing candidate attributed her loss not to any fault in herself but to the fickleness of the ~.adj.electoral(일 렉 터 뤌 2)
엘 러 쥐 1, 애(슬플애)가:Most critics agreed that Stan's best poem was an ~ he wrote following the death of his pet pigeon.adj.elegiac(엘 리 좌이 엌 3):The little article in the newspaper about Frank's retirement had an ~ tone that Frank found disconcerting.
엘 러 큐 쉬원 3, 웅변술:The mayor was long(구어 <을> 충분히[많이] 가진 ((on)))on ~ but short on execution; he was better at making promises than at carrying them out.:A locution(로우 큐 션 2)is a particular word or phrase. Someone who speaks well is eloquent.
이 메이 쉬 에잍 2, 수척하게하다:A dozen years in a foreign prison had ~ed poor old George, who had once weighed more than three hundred pounds but now weighed less than ninety.:n.The saddest thing to see in the refugee camp was the emaciation of the children, some of whom had not had a real meal in many weeks.
에 머 네잍 1, <생각제안 등이> 나오다 ((from)):Contradictory orders ~ed from many offices in the government building, leaving the distinct impression that no one else was in charge.
이 멘 써 페잍 2, 해방시키다:Refrigerators, microwave ovens, and automatic dishwashers have ~ed modern homemakers(주부)from much of the drudgery(고된일) of meal preparation and clean up.n.emancipation:President Lincoln announced that he had ~ed the slaves in his emancipation proclamation.
임 벨 리쉬 2, :A belle is a beautiful young woman. To embellish is to make beautiful or to adorn.:Note that the word can have negative connotations, as when a person adds false facts to a story.:장식하다:Cynthia ~ed her plain white wedding gown by gluing colorful bits of paper to it.:미화하다:Hugh could never leave well enough alone; when he told a story, he liked to ~ it with facts that he had made up.:to add fanciful or fictitious details to:Edward was guilty of ~ing his resume by adding a college degree that he had not earned and a great deal of job experience that he had not had.
임 바 디 2, 의 화신[전형]이 되다:Kindly old Mr.Benson perfectly ~ed the loving philosophy that he taught.:구현하다:The members of the club were a bunch of scoundrel(스카운 드럴 1 악당) who came nowhere near ~ing the principles upon which their club had been founded.
임 브로일 2, to involve in conflict:For the last twenty years, Mr. and Mrs. Brown have been ~ed in a legal battle with the city over the camels in their backyard.:to throw into disorder:Fighting and shouting ~ed the classroom, leading the teacher to jump out the window.n.imbroglio(임 브로울 리오 2) is a confused, difficult, or embarrassing situation.
임 브뤼 아 닉 3, undeveloped:The plans for the new building are pretty ~ at the point; in fact, they consist of a single sketch on the back of a cocktail napkin.:rudimentary:Our fund-raising campaign has passed the ~ stage, but it still hasn't officially gotten under way.
에 머 쎄 뤼 1, 사자(messenger):The surrender of the defeated country was negotiated by ~ies from the two warring countries.:대리:The king was unable to attend the wedding, but he sent an ~:his brother.
임 파우 월 2, 권한을부여하다:The city council ~ed the dog catcher to do whatever he wanted to with the dogs he caught.
인 디얼 2, 사랑받게하는:Merv ~ed himself to Oparh by sending her a nice big box of chocolates on her birthday.:I did not ~ myself to my teacher when I put thumbtacks on the seat of her chain.:endearment is an expression of affection:"My little pumkin" is the ~ Arnold mother uses for her little boy.
인 게이 쥥 2, 매력적인:Susan was an ~ dinner companion; she was lively and funny and utterly charming.
엔 머 티 1, 적의(敵意):The ~ between George and Ed was so strong that the two of them could not be in a room together.
아한 뉘 1, The playwright's only real talent was for engendering ~ in the audiences of his plays.
ì—” í„° í‹° 1, something that exists:The air force officer found an ~ in the cockpit of the crashed spacecraft, but he had no idea what it was.:The identity card had been issued by a bureacratic ~ called the Office of Identity Cards.:a distinct thing:Mark set up his new company as a separate ~; it had no connection with his old company.
인 트뤼잍 2, 간청하다:The frog ~ed the wizard to turn him back into a prince, but the wizard said that he would have to remain a frog a little bit longer.:An instance of ~ing is called an entreaty(인 트뤼이 티 2)The police officer was deaf to my ~ies; he gave me a ticket even though I repeatedly begged him not to.
아한 트뤄 프뤄 누월 4, an independent business person:Owen left his job at IBM to become an ~; he started his own computer company to make specialized computers for bookies.:one who starts, runs, and assumes the risk of operating an independent business enterprise:A majority of beginning business school students say they would like to become ~s, but most of them end up taking high-paying jobs with consulting firms or investment banks.:an ~ is entrepreneurial(아한 투
이 누 머 뤠잍 2, 열거하다:When I asked Beverly what she didn't like about me, she ~ed so many flaws that I eventually had to ask her to stop.adj.things too numerous to be listed one by one are innumerable
인 비쥐 언 2, 마음에그리다:Perry's teachers ~ed great things for him, so they were a little surprised when he decided to become a professional gambler.
에 피 큐월 1, 미식가:Ann dreaded the thought of cooking for William, who was a well-known ~ and would undoubtedly be hard to please.adj.epicurean(에 피 큐 뤼 언 3)
에 펄 록 1, 후기(後記):In a brief ~, the author describe what had happened to all the book's main characters in the months since the story had taken place.
에 퍽 1, 시대:The coach's retirement ended a glorious ~ in the history of the university's football team.adj.epochal(에 퍼 컬 1) An ~ event is an extremely important one--the sort of significant event that might define an ~.:The British Open ended with an ~ confrontation between Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson, the two best golfers in the world at that time.
이 퀘쓰 트뤼 언 2, having to do with horseback riding.Equus, a famous play by Peter Shaffer, portrays a troubled stable boy and his relationship with horses, Equine(이 크윈 1) means horselike or relating to horses.:I've never enjoyed the ~ events in the Olympics, because I think people look silly sitting on the backs of horses.:Billy was very small but he had no ~ skills, so he didn't make much of a jockey.:~ can also be used as a noun meaning one who rides on horseback.
에쓰 터 머 벌 1, 존경할만한:The prosecutor was an ~ opponent, but Perry Mason always won his cases.:측정할수있는:The distance to the green was not ~ from where the golfers stood, because they could not see the flag.opp.inestimable:The precise age of the dead man was ~, because the corpse had thoroughly decomposed.
이 스트뤠인쥐 2, to make unfriendly or hostile:Mary Ellen's ~ed husband had been making unkind comments about her ever since the couple had separated.:to cause to feel removed from:Isaac had expected to enjoy his twenty fifth reunion, but once there he found that he felt oddly ~ed from his old university; he just didn't feel that he was a part of it anymore.
에 띡쓰 1, 윤리:Irene didn't think much of the ~ of most politicians; she figured they were all taking bribes.:To have good ~ is to be ethical.
율 러 쥐 1, 추도사:The ~ Michael delivered at his father's funeral was so moving that it brought tears to the eyes of everyone present.:To give ~ about someone is to eulogize(율 러 좌이즈)that person.
이 빈쓰 2, to demonstrate convincingly; to prove:Oscar's acceptance speech at the awards ceremony ~ed an almost unbearable degree of smugness(잘난체) and self-regard(이기심).:The soldiers ~ed great courage, but their mission was hopeless, and they were rapidly defeated.
엑 싸이즈 2, 삭제하다:Ralph's editor at the publishing house ~ed all of the obscene(외설적인)parts from his novel, leaving it just eleven pages long.:절제(切除)하다:The surgeon used a little pair of snippers to ~ Alice's extra fingers.
익 줌 2, (시체를)발굴하다:Grave robbers once ~ed freshly buried bodies in order to sell them to physicians and medical students.:Researchers ~ed the body of President Garfield to determine whether he had been poisoned to death.
익 절 비 턴트 2, 터무니없는:Meals at the new restaurant were ~; a single stuffed mushroom cost seventy-five dollars.:The better business bureau cited the discount electronic store for putting an ~ mark-up on portable tape recorders.
엑 쓰피 에잍 1, to make amends for; to atone for:The convicted murderer attempted to ~ his crime by making pot holders for the family of his victim.
엑 쓰플리 케잍 1, 자세히설명하다:The professor's attempt to ~ the ancient text left his students more confused than they had been before the class began.

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