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Abe Lincoln
What President was agaist slavery?
Civil War
What war divided the U.S into 2 parts?

The South; wanted to have Slavery
Abe Lincoln

To keep the US as 1 country instead of a divided country
Who made the famous speech --Gettysberg Address? Where?
What was the Gettysburg Address about?
When was the CIvil Way over?
11 days after the CIvil War ended
While he was still President

Shot/assinated at a theatre in Washington, D.C. 4/15/1865 by John Wilkes booth
When was Lincoln killed?

Where and how was he killed? Who killed him?
the White House.
Lincoln never slept there.
He had meetings to make decisions.
Where is the Lincoln Bedroom?
Did Lincoln sleep in it? What did he use it for?
George Washington
President during the American Revolution
Mount Vernon
Where did he go to live after being President?
George Washington

liked the outdoors

His horse, galloping over farmland in nearby wood.
Born 2/22/1732,
What made him happy?Favorite playmate was ?
France & Spain
During the American Revolution which 2 countries loaned the colonists supplies and ships?
The 1st part of the Consitiution is called?

We the People
Founding Fathers wrote the constitution

1st words of the COnstitution
The Decrlartion of Independence quarantees 3 values for people
Persuit of happiness
Pilgrims came from ? and landed in Plymouth Rock in ?
England in 1620
Who explored the West?
Lewis & Clark
Why is America called a "melting pot"?
Because there are many different people that come from different cultures and countries
What does the Declaration of Independence declare?
Our country's freedom from England
Where are bills and laws discussed?

Where must a bill go before going to the White House?
The capitol Buildinig in Washington, D.C

The Senate
The House of Representatives
What is a veto ?
When the president says NO to a bill.
Why do we need seperation of powers in our Government?

What are the 3 branches of Government ?
1 person should not have too much power.
The President is the Executive branch
Congress is the Legislative branch
Supreme Court is the Judical branch
Powers of Judicial branch/ Supreme Court
Explains meaning of Laws & decised whether laws passed by congress are in keeping w/ constitution
Powers of Legislative branch/Congress
Makes laws, collects taxes & borrows $
Armed forces, prints $
Powers of Executive branch/President
Sees that laws R carried out, head of armed forces, signs or vetos laws, makes treaties
examples of checks & balances?
President is chief of armed forces
Congress can declare war
Congress passes laws & President has power to veto law & Supreme court can declare law unconstitutional
Chare does checks & balances mean ?
Limits put on each branch of government so that 1 branch cannot overpower another branch. It is to limit each's power over the other.
Our 1st flag was made by?

Who was president then?
When do we cleebrate Washington's B'Day?
Betsy Ross

George Washington
On our Flag: What does blue stand for
earth and courage
Liberty and purity
Why were there 13 stars and 13 stripes?
13 stripes for _________
and 13 stars for original colonies
The stars on today's flag stand for?
How should we destroy a flag in bad condition?
50 states

Star Spangled Banner

Definition of symbol?
Our national anthem

something that stands for something else
George Washington's job in the army was to ?
Train soldiers, help with the war, carry a message to the French to get land from Indians, leader of the army, help win the Revolutionary War.
What are National Holidays?

What is a monument?
Special days that we honor cour country and its people

A building that honors a person or event
When is Martin Luther King, Jr Day ?
What is Thanksgiving
Why Independence Day holiday?
What holdiay we we honor soldiers killed in war?
Pilgrim's 1st harvest-4t thurs in Nov
Independence from England on July 4th
Memorial Day
Why do we celebrate Veteran's Day?
What is Arbor day?
When is Flag Day?
President's Day celebrates?
11/11 Soldiers who fought in wars
Johnny Appleseed showed us importance of seeds for trees
March 7
June 14
Lincolin and Washington's B'Days-2/12
Wahsington, D.C

When is election Day?
Where is our Nations Capitol?

1st tuesday after 1st Monday in November
Statue of Liberty
Where is it?
Describe the statue of liberty-
Given as a gift from France
Welcomes immigrants to U.S.
Liberty Island, N.Y
Made of copper, crown w/ 7 spikes, has a torch in hand/other hand has a tablet w/Declaration of Independence, pedistal has a poem
at feet a broken chain
National Symbol of freedom and spirit of our country
Welcomes Immigrants to our country
Statue of Liberty came over in 1885
When was the american revolution?
Why do we celebrate July 4th
When was the Great Seal created where can we find it?
Independence Day
Soon after 1776, on official U.S. documents
The Great Seal

What does E Pluribus mean?
Bald Eagle holds 13 arrows-power of war
Olive Branch represents peace
13 stars & stripes, blue field for branches of governemnt, shield
From many, one
Liberty Bell

Where is it?
What is our Nation's Symbol?
Symbol of freedom and our nation's independence
Bald Eagle-signifies self reliance
Nicknamed "Old Glory"
How many stars & Stripes
50 stars for states, 13 stripes for original colonies
Uncle Sam
What is his costume?
How did he become an official symbol?
National Symbol of the United States
Stars & Stripes
Congress passed a resolution in 1961
What is a resolution?
Who was the 1st President ot live in the President's House?
When did the White House burn down?
A statement

John Adams
War of 1812
Where is the White House located

thomas Jefferson
Who is the Capitol Building named after
Not in any state instead in an aread called the Doistrict of Columbia
The 1st president to take office in Washington?
George Washington
Where is Capitol Hill?
US government buildings
Washington. D.C
What kinds of buildings are on Capitol Hill?
The Liberty Bell was rung for the 1st public reading of?
It is a symbol of?
What is inscribed on it?
Declaration of Independence
Proclaim liberty throughout all the land
Lincolin was the ___ President?
First in war, first in peace, first in the hearts of his Countrymen. Who was this?

Known as the father of his Country
George Washington
George Washington's face is on?
Stamps, dollar bill, quarter
What happened when the Revolutionary War ended?

To plan a new government--called the Constitutional Convention
13 colonies joined together as the United States of America.
What meeting dide the new states send people to?
What does the U.S. Constitution have in it?
What powers the government should have.

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