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American History 8 Review Terms


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What is the policy that warned Europeans to not interfere in the Americas?
Monroe Doctrine
What is the upper house of Congress that has 100 members?
What document stated the reasons for the colonists separation from Great Britain?
the Declaration of Independence
What limits the power of the government to protect the people?
Bill of Rights
What group of people wanted to change the church of England?
What is the presidential rejection of an act passed by Congress?
When did the colonists declare their independence from Great Britain?
July 4, 1776
What was the uprising of Massachusetts farmers that showed a weakness of the central government?
Shay's Rebellion
Where did the Pilgrims land in America?
Plymouth Rock
What is a government where a small group has the power called?
What were the series of religious wars to get back control of the Holy Land called?
Where did the "Shot Heard Round the World" occur?
What was the period of time when the Earth's temperature dropped and the level of the ocean dropped?
Ice Age
Who invented the cotton gin and developed the idea of interchangeable parts?
Eli Whitney
What is the form of government in which the people rule themselves?
What changed the procedure of electing the President and the Vice President?
the twelfth (12th) amendment
When did Christopher Columbus "discover" America?
October 12, 1492
What gives Congress the power to pass al laws necessary and proper to run the government?
Elastic Clause
What is the lower house of Congress that has 435 members?
House of Representatives
On what date did the American Revolution begin?
April 19, 1775
Where did the first shots of the American Revolution take place?
What man "discovered" America for the third time?
Christopher Columbus
During the winter of 1777-78, where did the Continental Army stay under extremely harsh conditions?
Valley Forge
When five colonists were killed by British Red Coats, it was called the _________ ___________.
Boston Massacre
What are the representatives from each state who select the president called?
the electoral college
What was the first document of government for the United States?
the Articles of Confederation
What is a loose union of states or nations called?
What was the cash crop that made Virginia successful?
What man rode to warn of the British attack?
Paul Revere
What was the agreement to have a bicameral legislature called?
Great Compromise
Who was the Queen of England at the beginning of English colonization?
Elizabeth I
What was the name of the king who started the church of England?
Henry VIII
(say: Henry the eighth)
What is Washington's sneak attack against the Hessians at Trenton on Christmas night, 1776 known as?
"Crossing the Delaware"
What is the acceptance of people with different beliefs called?
What are the first ten amendments to the Constitution called?
Bill of Rights
The control of our government is divided among the three branches. What is this principle called?
separation of power
Who was the Viking explorer who "discovered" America?
Leif Ericson
What was the last major battle of the American Revolution?
What man wanted to reform the Catholic church?
Martin Luther
Who attempted a naval invasion of England in 1588?
Spanish Armada
Which branch of government carries out the law?
What is the principle that states one branch of government has some authority over the others?
checks and balances
What is the idea that citizens must give their permission to be taxed called?
"No taxation without representation."
Where did the battle for control of Boston Harbor take place?
Bunker Hill
What group of people wanted to leave the Church of England?
What is the name of the ship on which the Pilgrims sailed to America?
What is the law making body of our government?
the legislature
Who was the main author of the Declaration of Independence?
Thomas Jefferson
What is the name of the period of change when machines took over the production of goods?
Industrial Revolution
What does 'bicameral' mean?
two chambers or two houses
What was the court case that established the Supreme Court's power to declare a law unconstitutional?
Marbury vs. Madison
Prehistoric people migrated from Asia to Alaska across a _______ _______.
land bridge
What were people who wanted to leave the Church of England called?
What do we call the land north of the Ohio River that was taken from Great Britain during the American Revolution?
Northwest Territory
________ was originally a Dutch settlement, but is now called New York City.
New Amsterdam
What was the attempt to change the Catholic Church called?
When a king rules a country, what is it called?
a monarchy
What is the concept that power is distributed between national and state governments called?
Which branch of government enforces and defines the law?
Who was Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army?
George Washington
A social system in which one level of society owes something to a higher level of society in return for protection is called ________.
Who is called the Father of the Constitution?
James Madison
Where was the battle fought that was the "turning point" of the American Revolution?
What are the names of Christopher Columbus' ships?
Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria
Who was the French emperor that sold Louisiana to the U.S.?
Which Vice President killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel?
Aaron Burr
Who explored the Louisiana Purchase?
Lewis and Clark
What is the movement of people from rural areas to the cities called?
Who invented the self-scouring steel plow?
John Deere
What is the name of the twenty-first state that was admitted to the union in 1818?
What is the man-made water transportation route in northern New York?
Erie Canal
The Missouri Compromise prohibited slavery (made it illegal) in the Louisiana Territory north of this line. What is the line?
36 degrees 30' North
What is the process by which the Supreme Court decides if a law is constitutional?
judicial review
Where were 180 Texans killed by the Mexican Army?
In 1849, there was a large migration westward in search of quick wealth. What was it called?
the California Gold Rush
Who was an early leader of the women's suffrage movement?
Susan B. Anthony
The group of people who worked for the end to slavery are called what?
What was the conflict over the southern border of Texas called?
the Mexican War
What is the horse drawn machine that is used to harvest grain called?
What was the first successful English settlement in America?
Who was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court during the Marbury vs. Madison case that established the court's right to judicial review?
John Marshall
What is a union of states with a strong central government called?
At what event did the colonists dress as Indians to protest high taxes?
the Boston Tea Party
American citizens have the right to know the crime they are accused of before going on trial. What is this principle called?
habeas corpus
What is the belief that people have the right to rule themselves called?
popular sovereignty
What is the document called that sets the principles and the plans for the government?
the constitution
What covert (hidden) movement helped escaped slaves go northward?
the Underground Railroad
Who was one of the best conductors on the Underground Railroad and was also known as "Moses of her people"?
Harriet Tubman
What novel (book) was written by an abolitionist about slave life in the South?
Uncle Tom's Cabin
What senator from Massachusettes was brutally attacked by a representative from South Carolina?
Charles Sumner
What are those who work for the end to slavery called?
What was the name that was given to the South during the Civil War?
Who was the representative from South Carolina that brutally attacked Senator Charles Sumner?
Preston Brooks
Who led the radical abolitionists that attacked the arsenal at Harper's Ferry to begin a slave revolt?
John Brown
Who was the slave who sued for his freedom thus causing the Missouri Compromise to be declared unconstitutional?
Dred Scott
What was part of the campaign for U.S. Senator from Illinois in 1858?
Lincoln/Douglas debates
Where did the first shots of the Civil War take place?
Fort Sumter
When was the beginning of the Civil War?
April 12, 1861
When did Lee surrender to Grant?
April 9, 1865
Who was the president of the Confederate States of America?
Jefferson Davis
Which battle was the turning point of the civil war?

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