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S.S. Wild West


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Black Kettle, chief of the
_______ ________ was attacked by the United States Army at
______ _______ Colorado in 1864?
Southern Cheyenne

Sand Creek
The Chief of the Comanche was ______ _______. His father was Comanche and his mother was white.
Quanah Parker
Name the two tribes that fought the United States in Red Cloud's War.

Northern Cheyenne
The Great Plains stretched from the ___________ River to the ____________ Mountains.

The ________ Trail ran from Fort Laramie to Virginia City, Montana.
Who started a famous wild west show in the 1880's?
Buffalo Bill
Who was the leader of Santee Sioux Tribe?
Little Crow
List 3 reasons why the days of the cowboy ended in 1886.
Low Prices

Cold Winter

What Sioux tribe massacred the whites in Minnesota in 1862?
Who wrote " A Century of Dishonor?"
What city grew out of the 1858 gold discovery?
Where was Wild Bill Hickok murdered?
Deadwood, SD
What was the famous statement of Chief Joseph?
"From where the ____ now ____ I will _____ no more _______."
"From where the sun now sets, I will fight no more forever."
List 3 famous Kansas cow towns.
Dodge City
The Kiowa were close cousins to the Comanche and were located mostly in Oklahoma and _______.
Early Spanish cowboys were called ____________.
In 1868, Black Kettle was attacked on the _____ River in the present day state of ________ by the 7th Calvary commanded by Lt. Colonel _________.


According to the 1851 Fort Laramie Treaty, what trail were the plains Indians supposed to stay away from?
Oregon Trail
Who was the young Sioux chief that fought along side Red Cloud?
Crazy Horse
What was the name of the cattle war that Billy the Kid was involved in?
Lincoln County
Where was gold discovered in 1873?
Black Hills
When local residents took the law into their own hands, they were called __________.
The ______ Act of 1887 tried to make plains Indians into farmers.
The Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851 is known as the
________ _________ Treaty.
Horse Creek
What were the boundaries of the land given to the Indians as a result of the Treaty of 1868?
North to Canada
South to the Platte River
West to the Big Horn Mountains
East to the Missouri River
Where was gold discovered in 1858?
The Comanche Indians were mostly located in north ______.
What was the name of the massacre that occurred in South Dakota in 1890?
Wounded Knee
"As long as the ______ grows, and the _____ _____, this
______ will be yours ________.
"As long as the grass grows, and the river flows, this land will be yours forever."
Name the famous Apache Chief that surrendered in 1886.
In what famous battle was George Custer defeated by the Sioux and the Northern Cheyenne in 1876?
Battle of Little Big Horn
In what state did the last great land rush take place?
What was the capital city of Dakota Territory in 1876?
What were all prairie farmers called?
What famous person lived in a little house on the prairie?
Laura Ingalls Wilder
The ________ Act of 1862 gave away free land if you would live on it and farm it for five years.

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