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famous street corner in San Fran that attracted a sub-culture of drop outs, starving artists
Van Morrison
wrote gloria, got his start with Them from Belfast, Ireland
holland-dozier-holland writing trio, scored 28 top twenty hits
Led Zeppelin
considered first heavy metal band in rock history
Jimi Hendrix
redefined the guitar like cecil taylor redefined the piano, he was a revolutionary musician and came out of the psychedelic explosion
jimmy paige
the yardbirds were the starting point for: eric clapton, jeff beck, and jimmy paige
television emerged from new yorks punk scene in the 70's. viewed as antithesis of the "happy culture" back to short hair and streetclothes
Sly and the family stone
rocks first truly integrated band, in race and gender
James Brown
considered the godfather of soul and the father of funk
the nightclub in the skid row section of the Bowery in New York. became an important venue for punk and new wave bands in the 70's
Blood, Sweat and tears
more jazz oriented than chicago. they were the two most popular horn rock bands in the 70's
Frank Zappa
embraced many styles including classical, 50's doowop, heavy rock, and classic r+b
Janis Joplin
the ballsy, one of the guys chick who is a needy, vulnerable cream puff underneath- cherished by many male fans
Iggy Pop
considered godfather of punk music proto punk style paved the way for the many punk bands that followed in the 70's
the yardbirds did this -a mix of R+B with extended guitar/harmonica pasages blues played at a fierce driving level
John Mayall
the elder statesman of british blues his group the blues breakers was the "finishing school" for a large group of blues-rock artists
David Bowie
considered the leading british artist of theater rock
Jim Morrison
one of the fathers of contemporary rock -his group was dread, which is a great fact of our time
Ken Kesey
led the way for the acid tests author of "one flew over the cuckcoos nest"
Alice Cooper
known as father of shock rock
created something rooting in pre-beatles rock and roll -music was labeled as bubble-gum pop
Greatful Dead
psychedelic era's most beloved musical ambassadors -spreading their message of peace, love and mind-explosion -considered ultimate cult band
Sex pistols
known as the anti-british punk band -represented bored youth of britain rebelled against the upper class
Moody Blues
art rock
jefferson airplane
san francisco scene
The animals
british R+B
The Grateful dead
San Francisco psychedelic
The Supremes
The byrds song
eight miles high
Wilson Pickett song
mustang sally
david bowie song
space oddity
Jimi Hendrix song
manic Depression
blood sweat and tears song
god bless the child

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