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What are the dates and time periods starting from the Chatelperronian?
-Chatelperronian 40-30
-Aurignancian 30-28
-Gravettian 28-22
-Solutrean 22-18
-Magdalenian 18-11
Characteristics of the Chatelperronian
-Neandertals and personal adornments
-ornaments a result of taphonomy/scavenging
-new stone, bone, antler techninques
-social org
-geometrics/3D bas-relief
Talk about Chauvet
-Panel or horses
-Great Horse Panel
Talk about personal adornments in Aurignacian
-perforated heyna, human, canid, cervid teeth
-basket-shaped beads
Gravettian - trends?
-more geometric signs
-animal subjects dominate
-hand prints (Gargas)
-human sculptures (preg females)
(woman w/ Horn, playing card, la dame a la capuche)
List Gravettian painted caves
-Pech Merle
-Cosquer (hands)
What is Pech Merle famous for?
Dappled Horse Panel
Talk about Solutrean
-spear throwers
-more localized
-geometrics rarer
-human figs. rare
Solutrean personal ornaments
pierced teeth, shells, beads
Give an ex. of a famous Solutrean cave
Cosquer 1991 by Henri Cosquer
large number of hand prints
also jelly fish and awk
Magdalenian trends
-300 painted cave sites
-10,000 portable artifacts
-lots of geometric signs
Where are most of the Magdalenian portable artifacts found?
90 % found in France
Ex. of painted caves in Magdalenian
There are only three polychrome painted caves in all of UP - name them
What is Lascaux like?
-600 paintings
-1,500 engravings
-geometric symbols
paintings along ceilings
What are the three categories of Past Interpretation according to Villaneuve?
Hypothesis for individual vs. group?
-viewing considerations
-technincal aspects of cave
Talk about imagery in Eastern and Central Europe and Siberia?
-larger area, more diverse
-portable art
-lots of images made of loess
Talk about Mousterian site Tata
-Tata pebble
Give an ex. of a Mousterian site
Bach Kiro
-45 kya
-Scratches = patterns?
-bone frag
-pierced teeth
earliest UP in East Europe?
-Gravettian - 28-21
-Magdalenian - 21-10
-37 kya
-37 fox canines perforated
Gravettian in E. Europe?
-Dolni Vestonice and Pavlov
-ceramic tech
-fabric impressions
Brno II
-head covering, 3 pieces, 600 shells
125 km apart from one another
-fig. buried in semi-subterranean dwellings with burnt bone on top
-22 kya
-birthing house or artisans house?
-like adeevo/Kostienki
25-22 kya
-3 burials: one old man, 2 juv.
-13,000 ivory beads
-some say male from a diff. period
-interlocking beads, pendants
When was the L.G. Maximum?
-20-17 kya
What is the key subject in Magdalenian/Epigravettian in E. Europe?
-Like W. Europe, animals
-mammoth bone shelters
-interlocking mandibles
-pattern shows up in their art
-30 human statues
-17 bird statuettes
-open air
-facial details, hairstyles
-infant necklace
Australia - 30 kya, 13 kya, 6-9, and 6 kya
30- lake mungo site
13- 2 peoplings?
6-9 kow swamp burials
6 one ppl
What does Janet Deacon argue?
Direct Historical approach - can understand modern ppl by looking at ancestors
What are the 2 styles of finger markings in Australia?
-Koonalda and Panaramitee
What does Davidson argue?
peopling of australia best ex. of language
-sea levels lower
-25 kya paintings
Estuarine period
6-1.5 kya
-sea levels rose, some animals became extinct (emu, tapir)
South Africa
30,000 sites
-most predate 10 kya
-ancestors of San
South africa
engraved ochre
perforated tick shells
Subjects of rep in south africa
animals, humans, therianthrops, few carnivores if any, geometrics, chevrons, cross hatches

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