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English Literature Final 9H


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Had "a certain disclination for manual labor."
a.Piggy b.Ralph
c.Samneric d.Roger
"The only trouble was that he would never make a very good chess player."
a.Samneric b.Simon
c.Ralph d.Percival
"They breathed together, they grinned together, they were chunky and vital."
a.Piggy b.Roger
c.Samneric d.Ralph
"A boy of perhaps six years, sturdy and fair, his face covered with a sticky mess of fruit."
a.Johnny b.Robert
c."The Lord of the Flies" d.Simon
"We saw your smoke. What have you been doing? Having a war or something?"
a.Simon b.Naval Officer
c.Robert d.Piggy
Naval Officer
______ was Jack's chief assistant, in charge of tortures and executions.
The fire is started with ______ ______.
Piggy's glasses
________ at first has difficulty remembering his name but after a few minutes is able utter his full name and address.
"You knew didn't you? I'm part of you? Close, close, close! I'm the reason why it's no go? Why things are what they are?" These words were spoken by ___ ____ __ ___ _____.
"The Lord of the Flies"
_____ was responsible for Piggy's death as he sent the huge rock hurtling down on him.
________ revealed Ralph's hiding place to Jack.
The boys are rescued by ___ ____.
The Navy
The novel opens with a brief introduction in which the author explains to the reader about the boys' backrounds and the circumstances of their predicament.
Various clues indicate that the action takes place somewhere during a nuclear war age.
The boys were representatives of the best breeding and education of their society as the novel began.
Piggy was quick to discover the signifigance of the conch and swiftly blew it to summon the others.
The boys discovered immediately that the were on a hostile island; there was an insufficiant supply of food and fresh water and there were many wild animals.
The boy with the mulberry-colored birthmark was the first to introduce the idea of a beast on the island.
Ralph always responded enthusiastically to Piggy's ideas.
Piggy's inability to get along with most of the other boys could be attributed exclusivly to his superior intelligence.
Jack and the choir apologize immediately to the others when Ralph and Piggy scold them for allowing the fire to go out.
In the first part of the novel, Roger did not hit any of the smaller boys with the stones because he didn't want to be cruel.
When Jack refused to give Piggy any of the meat at the feast, Ralph shared his with him.
Simon was the first one to encounter the parachitist after its arrival on the island.
Jack remarks that the conch is no longer needed because the discussion and decision making should be left to a select few.
Due to the beast on the mountain, Jack suggested moving the fire to the beach.
Simon actually talked with "the Lord of the Flies" and it actually spoke to him.
When Jack called an assembly and asked the boys to dispose of Ralph as leader, they readily agreed.
Piggy, Sam and Eric are the ones to remain with Ralph until the end.
All of the following are true about William Golding except, a)he was a school teacher, b)he was a war hero, c)he studied literature because his parents encouraged it, d)he is good at characterization.
When their plane crashed, the boys were en route, a)to Europe to spent their summer vacation, b)to visit their fathers, c)to a safer place for the duration of the war, d)home after a vacation
I hvae six dog-like heads with three rows of teeth. I made Odysseus weep at the sight of what I did.
All who pass by us are lured by our beautiful music. Only the crafty Odysseus lived to tell about our song.
I am blind yet I am able to predict the future. Odysseus speakes to me in the Underworld.
I fought along side Odysseus at Troy. I came home to find my wife had been unfaithful to me and plotted my death.
I am a land that no one ver wishes to leave. All who stop here give up all thoughts of returning home.
The land of the Lotus Eaters
I held Odysseus captive for over seven years. I promised him imortality if he would stay with me forever.
I pleaded with my father to set Odysseus free from his captivity. I watched over him during the battle with the suitors.
I am an island containing sacred cattle. Odysseus's men lost their lives because of what they did here.
Sun god's island
I am the messenger god. I carried a root to Odysseus to protect him from Circe's magic.
I am the keeper of Thunderbolts. Whatever I say is law. All gods and humans must obey me.
I am Aeolus, a friend of Odysseus. I gave him this to help him on his journey home.
Bag of Winds
I was told in a dream to go to the seashore to wash my clothes. I discovered Odysseus washed up on the shore.
Princess Nasicaa
We took advantage of Odysseus' home and food and hospitality while he was away from home for twenty years.
This was the tornament set up by Penelope to win her hand in marriage
The Great Bow
I am the homeland of Odyseus. The place he has tried to reach for ten long years.
Penelope fools the suitors for three years and keeps them from marrying her by doing this:
Weaving, then unweaving
I ate Odysseus' men two at a time and washed them down with milk.
I am a terrible whirlpool. If ODysseus had sailed his ship closer to me, he would have drowned along with his men.
I am a king of a well-ordered land that takes Odysseus home on a sailing ship.
King Alcinous
I turned Odysseus' men into swine. I later gave Odysseus warnings about what to expect in the way of danger on his voyage home.
This was a place of spirits and ghosts. Among others, Odysseus speaks to his dead mother here.
I remained faithful to my husband for 20 years.
I fouhgt along side Odysseus in the final battle with the suitors.
I was the most outrageous suitor and the first to die.
Odysseus escapd fromthe Cyclops' cave by holding onto this:
This was the gift that Odysseus brought for the Cyclops:
I transformed Odysseus into a younger man at the swineherd's hut brfore the battle with the suitors.
We were the god and goddess that fought with Odysseus to defeat the suitors.
Athena and Zeus
I am the man who strung the bow in the tornament of the axes. I sent the shaft through twelve axeheads.
Penelope tests her husband to prove it is truly he who has returned. She tests him by asking that this be moved:
Their bed
When leaving the Cyclops island, Odysseus endangers himself and his men when he insists on yelling this back to the Cyclops.
His name

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