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Section 1 intro to psychology


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What are psychologists interested in (3)
Understanding, Controlling,a nd Predicting behavior.
What do psychologists do?
collect interpret and apply scientific data related to human behavior and mental processes. They may study the way epople think, fell, or behave in order to understand, explain or help them change their actions or manage stress.
What does experimental research
testing rats, brains, studying how distubed people think, how people vote, etc.
What is cognitive research
theorectical perspective that focuses on the realms of human perceptionm thought and memory. Mental process cause behavior.
What is behavioral neuroscience (Psychological)
Studies Biological aspects of behavior.
what is Social and Personality research?
Studying groups and the way they influence inividual behavior
What is Developmental Behavior
Focuses on children from birth to 15
What do clinical psychotherapists do?
Help people deal w/ personal problems giving/ interpretting personalirt tests to determine if treatment is needed and what kind is needed.
What do psychiatry psychotherapists do?
branch of medicine that studies and treats mental and emotional disprders. MDs who can prescribe drugs.
What do industrial/organizational psychotherapists do?
improves working place, places people in jobs they are best suited for, train people
What do ergonomics psychotherapists do?
study of designing objects to better adapt to shape of body human factors and understanding designs in terms of cognitive work load, human error the way humans perceive their surrounding and the tasks they undertake.
What do forensic psycologists do?
Applying psychological techniques to help prosecute criminals.

to rehab criminals once in prison system.
What does health Psychology study?
how biological and psychological and social factors affect health and illness.
What does Sports Psychology study?
Science stusying pysiological factors that are associates with participation and performance in sport, excercise and other physical activity. 2 main princples are to help athletes use psychological principle to improve performance and understand how participation affects an indiv psychological development.
Who is Francis Bacon
Lived from 1561-1626 he believed our lives best by the hidden life. Believed in Empiricism
Who is John Locke?
1632-1704 2 operations of thinking sensation and reflection. Believed Sensation is a passive process (sound hits ear produces an auto response) reflection can be active or passive and can intervene with operation of sensation

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Who is Immanuel Kant?
1724-1804 believed in trancendental idealism. He believes we bring innate forms and conceptr to the raw experience of the world which otherwise would be completely unknowable.
What is the difference between rationalism vs empiricism
Rationalism believed truth should be deermined by reasion and factual analysis
Empiricism believe all knownledge is the result of out experiences. Knowledge is essentially nothing more then the sum of experiences.
WHat is Psychophysics?
concerned with describing how an organism uses its sensory systems to defect events in its environment.

The descrition is functional because the processes of the sensory systems are of interest.

eg how much change in the intensity of light is necessary for a person to perceive a change in its brightness?

Turn on light. Increase it by one unit. See a change? If not raise it another unit. Continue unltil detect a change in brightness.
Who is Hermann con Helmholtz
1821-1894 Teacher of Wendt. Insterested in Phisiology
WHo is Pierre Flourens?
1794-1867 Physiology (gave paper physiological theroy of sensations) 1847- found anaesthetic effect on chloroform on animals.
Who was Wilhelm Wundt, and what did he study?
1832-1909 "father of psychology"
Structuralism: to describe the elements and structures that compose the mind particularly sensations, feeling, and images.
Who is Edward Tichner?
Student of Wundt
Brought the "new psychology" the experimental psych of wundt to USA, effecting the transition from mental philosophy to psychology as it is currently practices.

used introspection: to look into oneself
What are the problems with introspection?
-Only could use people who were relatively intellegent w/ strong verbal skills.
-Unreliable, when people are put in same situation, they have inconsistant reports.
-Different people give very different reports when placed in the same situation
What is another problem with introspection?
The act of introspection itself changes the concious experiences being reported
eg.: if someone is angry the act of introspection makes them less angry so the experience is changed.
What is functionalism?
Functioning, how the mind produces useful behaviors. How the mind affects what people do.

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