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Pharm Intro


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Definine selectivity
exerts only the effect for which it is given for. there would be no side effects, no drug is completley selective
What is pharmacopeia?
lists of all the authorized drugs in the country (first one in the US in 1820)
what are the 5 charictoristics of a perfect drug
easy to use
few interactions
easy generic name
Define Pharmacokinetics
how the body acts on the drug
how the drug acts on the body
Overall therapeautic goal
Maximize benefit
minimize harm
What did the pure food and drug act of 1906 do?
first major drug act
provided consumers info about quality
officially designated pharmacopoeia
what did the federal food, drug and cosmetic act do?
amended the pure food and drug act
esablished the FDA
required government approval prior to marketing
Food and drug modernization act purpose
fast track for AIDs and cancer drugs
6 months notice if discontinued
testing on kids
clinical trials for drugs for life-threatning uses
schedule of controlled substances I-V
I- high abuse potential (not accepted)
II- high abuse (accepted, written scrt)
III- less abuse (scrt expires 6mo)
IV- less abuse (same rules)
V- lower abuse (may not require scrt)
Steps to develope a new drug
Preclinical (animal studys)
Clinical Phase I (healthy)
phase II limited controlled eval
phase III extended clincal review
post-marketing surveillance (pull off market)
Generic name
first letter not capitalized
simpler then chemical name
Trade name
easy to say and remember
Therapeutic index
dose that has a therapeuric effect on 50% of animals
Factors effecting absorption (8)
route of admin.
dissolution rate
blood flow
absoptive surface area
contact time
cell membrance transports mech
lipid solubility
outside GI tract (usually injected)
by way of GI tract
Advantage to oral admin.
least $
can be retrieved
advantage to parenteral (outside GI)
highest most immediate (doesn't have to absorb, it is in blood already!)
when a drug is bound to a protein is it effective
no, has to be unbound
what is the P450 Enzyme System do?
metabolizes drugs (there are different substrates of p450)
some drugs inhibit or excite p450
(this can increase/decrease other drugs)
Agonist receptor
a drug that bind with and stimulates the receptor
Antagonist receptor
a drug that binds with and blocks action at the receptor
Loading dose
a higher level of dose to get the theraputic level

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