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dordell hull
the tnsean who recieved the nobel piece prize for his role in setting up the UN
branch of tns government has the responsibility to implement and enforce laws collect taxes and premote the well being of the state and its citizens
name given to a small river that flows into a larger river
robert cavelier
in 1682, this french explorer claimed the entire mississippi river valley for the king of france
in late 2000, these animals were released into the royal blue wildlife reserve near caryville, tn
this branch of government has the power to make state laws based on the ppls wishes
the year the united states won its independence from great britan
year that tn entered WWI
anne dallas dudley
this woman was a state and national leader in the woman suffrage movement
james k. polk
in 1844, this man from tn was elected president
wolunteer state
nickname given to tn
andrew johnson
the president that forced the cherokee to resettle in oklahoma
the year that the great depression began
the city that first served as the capital
tennessee valley authority
what do the initials TVA mean
civil cases
name given to a trial of a person or group charged with causing injury to another persoin or group
home rule
term which means the legal right self government
means to disapprove a bill which prevents it from becoming a law
new deal
ine 1933 pres roosevelt launched this program which aimed to rebuild the countrys economy
abraham lincoln
the president of the us during the civil war
hernando de soto
the first european to reach tn
from east to west, tn is about how many miles
fort nashbourough
name of the settlement that eventually became the city of nashville
this term means to withdraw from a national government
the river formed by the joining of the holston abd french rivers and is the main waterway in the middle and southern parts of tn
natchez trace
the road that goes from nashville tn to natchez ms
cordell hull
the tnsean who was secerarty of state during WWII
alluvial plain
term used to describe an area that is built up by rich fertile soil left by river floods
4 main groups of native americans that lived in tn
name given to the branch of government which provides a sstem to settle civil disputes to protect the rights of citizens and to rule on conflicts between laws and the state constituion
service indstries
name given to businessed that provide services to ppl instead of producing goods
name tns largest city
mayor of tn
june 1, 1796
date that congress approved tn to become a state
tulip poplar
state tree of tn
state flower of tn
term used to describe a steep cliff
the governor of tennessee
criminal cases
name given to trial of a peson charged with breaking the law
state fish of tn
battle of shiloh
during the civil war, more men were killed in this battle than any of americas previous battles
reelfoot lake
tn's only natural lake
this tn city became a major cotton shipping port
july 1866
date that tn reentered the union after the civil war
william blount
president george washington appointed this man as the territorial governor of the tn region
the part of the state that produces timber
of the 50 states, tn is ranking in size
alvin c york
during WWI, this tnsean won the congresional medal of honor
the river which forms the border of tn on the west
davy crocket, sam houston, jim bowie
the 3 tn's that helped texas win its independence from mexico
the state bird of tn
name given to the departments that perform duties for the executive branch
the year that tn's present constituion was adopted
this term refers to a group of ppl related to one another
blue ridge
these mountains run along the eastern border of tn and are part of the applachian mts
in the early 1800's, this city became the capital of tn
the city where dr. MLK jr was assassinated
the number of physical regions in tn
the number of states that tn borders
this amendment to the constitution gave the women the right to vote
nashville basin
are that forms the states major agricultural region
james robertson
the man that led about 3000 settlers into the region that would eventually become nashville
the name given to soft coal
stone and partially crushed limestone
the most widespread product mined in tn
john sevier
the first governor of tn
lieutenant governor
if anything happens to the governor of tn, who runs in place of the governor
the year the american colonies declared their independence from great britan
al gore jr.
the tnsean who served two terms as vice pres of the US under pres. clinton
watauga association's constituion
the first written plan to govern the european settlers west of the applachian mts
used to descrive the period after the civil war
type of court that rules on a lower courts descion
oak ridge
the city that built by the us government in eas tn for the development and production of the stomic bomb
the river that flows through nashville
what organization is the major producer of electricity in the southern US
term used to describe a narrow range of hills

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