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my vocabulary 8 2


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copy deck
the metal point of a pen
an enemy
welt /welt/
a raised mark on the skin where sth has hit or rubbed you
not care / give a hoot
not care / give two hoots
not to care at all: I don't care two hoots about having money, as long as I'm happy.
1 a comfortable or suitable role, job, way of life, etc: He eventually found his niche in sports journalism.
2 (business) an opportunity to sell a particular product to a particular group of people: They spotted a niche in the market, with no serious competition. a niche market the development of niche marketing (= aiming products at particular groups)
3 a small hollow place, especially in a wall to contain a statue, etc., or in the side of a hill: The niche was just big enough to hold two small candles. I found a niche in the rock and sat and watched while the sun rose and filled the valley with light.
a long wooden seat in a church
the ~ of sb/sth
something that causes trouble and makes people unhappy: The neighbours' kids are the bane of my life. The poor train service has been the bane of commuters for years.
1 (biology) a place on the stem of a plant from which a branch or leaf grows
2 (biology) a small swelling on a root or branch
3 (technical, especially computing) a point at which two lines or systems meet or cross: a data / network node
4 (anatomy) a small hard mass of tissue, especially near a joint in the human body: a lymph / sinus node
1 to catch or arrest sb who is doing sth wrong
He was nabbed by the police for speeding.
2 to take or get sth: Who's nabbed my drink?
hone ~ sth (to sth)
1 to develop and improve sth, especially a skill, over a period of time: His body was honed to perfection. She honed her debating skills at college. It was a finely honed piece of writing.
2 to make a blade sharp or sharper (sharpen): The knife had been honed to razor sharpness.
to move or travel slowly somewhere: Leo wended his way home through the wet streets.
one of a series of teeth on the edge of a wheel that fit between the teeth on the next wheel and cause it to move
to put clothes, etc. on: He donned his jacket and went out.
to make or shape sth large by cutting: roughly hewn timber frames The statues were hewn out of solid rock. They hewed a path through the forest.
an open box attached to a pole, used by building workers for carrying bricks on the shoulder
1 to make a hollow place in a hard surface, usually by hitting it: The back of the car was badly dented in the collision. a large dent in the passenger door
2 to damage sb's confidence, reputation, etc: It seemed that nothing could dent his confidence.
to satisfy a desire
a stupid person
1 to make a loud noise: He had the audience hooting with laughter. Some people hooted in disgust. The crowd hooted and cheered.
2 if a car horn hoots or you hoot or hoot the horn, the horn makes a loud noise (honk) hooting cars Why did he hoot at me?
3 when an owl hoots, it makes a long calling sound
a female deer
money paid by the state to unemployed people: He's been on the dole (= without a job) for a year. It is feared the government might change the rules for claiming dole.
a very young child: TV programs for tiny tots
(up) to the hilt
the handle of a sword, knife, etc.
as much as possible: We're mortgaged up to the hilt. They have promised to back us to the hilt.
a cog in the machine / wheel
a person who is a small part of a large organization
ewe /ju:/
a female sheep
louse (pl. lice)
a small insect that lives on the bodies of humans and animals: head lice
1 to carry sth, especially sth heavy: We arrived, toting our bags and suitcases.
2 (-toting) (in adjectives) carrying the thing mentioned: gun-toting soldiers
3 (also tote bag) a large bag for carrying things with you
dole sth out (to sb)
to give out an amount of food, money, etc. to a number of people in a group
clever at getting what you want, and willing to trick people (cunning): The boss is a wily old fox. He was outwitted by his wily opponent.

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