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3 facts of God's love
  • human love is both conditional and reciprocal--god's love is unconditional, spontaneous, uncaused, and independent of our goodness.  We are saved by grace alone
  • Human love changeable--god's love is changeless
  • human lov
3 gospels taught today

eros-Plato-God only saved the lovable

Caritas--Augustine-man gives evidence of wanting to be saved and God makes up the difference.

agape-God reconciled us to Himself in Christ 

3 greek words used to describe love

Phileo--love between two people, brotherly love

eros-selfish love, self-centered, lust

agape-not impulsive, passionate, or feeling centered, or warm.  it is love of a higher lifting up the lower.  loving others without selfish mot

Doctrie of creation/origin (third a priori)

belief in how came to be the way it is, and what kind of power there is.

Doctrine of Revelation and Inspiration (2nd fundamental a priori')
how God communicates with us.  through general and special revelation.  
ex nihilo

out of nothing

method of creation was by the spoken word of God

psalm 33:6,  Heb 11:3

four not yets

genesis 2:5 

prepares us for the fall

  • shrub of the field (thorny plants)
  • no plant of the field (vegetables)
  • no rain
  • work 
four views of creation

strict creationist--everything, including the universe is a little over 6000 yrs old.

creationist--god created the earth, sun, moon--life as we know it less than 10,000 years ago. 

theistic evo

General Revelation

How God speaks to us through nature. 


"For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so t

Great Controversy

There is a cosmic battle between the principles of love and self, good and evil, god and satan.

  • war began in heaven
  • angelic being--what went wrong--lucifer
  • war came to earth
  • tempted Jesus, murders and lies,
How do christians see their prime reality?

God is prime reality. He answers our question of origin which helps guide us toward our questions of purpose.  Every world view has the wrestle between the option of does He or doesn't He exist.  The christian worldview believes that he d

the enlightenment of the holy spirit on the mind of the reader to enable him to understand the record of revelation (the process when it gets to us)
means crooked or bent.  The primary meaning is not an act but a condition in which we were born.  Isa. 53:6 calls it seeking our own way "self-centeredness" We were born that way.  It is the bent to sin we inherited from Adam as a
the process through which the Holy Spirit works upon the prophet/messenger of God.  It is what enables the Bible writer to grasp and communicate, in a trustworthy manner, what God has revealed to them.  God inspires the prophet.  The
Naturalist view
Sagan says the prime reality is the material cosmos itself. "in the beginning, Helium!"
Nature of God
God is love
Nature of humanity
we were made in the image of God, his trancendence and immanence, which we lost in the fall.  We desire transcendence--dominion.  Yet we are creatures for whom it is said, "it is not good for man to be alone." we were made for relation
Pantheist answer
the prime reality is Brahman, the divine oneness that unifies everything.  God and the cosmos are one and the same
Prime Reality (1st fundamental Christian a priori')

The attitude or the mindset God is God and I am not. (fear of the lord)  A sustained reverential awe, that is reflected in obedience.

 "And he said to man,
       'The fear of the Lord—

Results of the doctrine of Creation

1. notion that God is creator puts us in our place.  Everything we are and have belong to him.  He cannot escape his presence, which leads us towards "the fear of the Lord"

2. Notion of God as creator affects how we think abou

the divine disclosure of God, his person and truth
the root of this word means "to miss the mark." used in a spiritual sense, sin is missing hte divine mark or "coming short of the glory of God." This is falling short of the standard of agape--selfless love.
sin general term
the inability to love God in a way that is pleasing to hi
special revelation

God's communication through scripture

"All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, 17so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good
The doctrine of revelation as it relates to creation
revelation points to the bible as the ultimate authority for the christian.  In it we are told things that we would never understand without it--where we come from, what is sin, what lies beyond the grave, what is means to be human, the nature of god
theist view

kepler--the prime reality is an infinite personal God.  All that is not God is the creation of God.  

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."



tohu and bohu

unformed and unfilled 

gen 1-2

formed: light, sky, land-vegetation

filled: sun/moon,  water/air animals, land animals


This word means a deliberate viologation of the law, or willful disobedience.  In the spiritual realm it is the law of God, or ten commandments is the measuring stick for righteousness.
various ways of interpreting gen 1
  • poetry-true
  • theological (arguement against gods, for God)-true
  • myth or legend-not true
  • historically accurate-true from a christian perspective
What did the movie on the great floods of the pacific northwest reveal?
that for many decades, scientists were very close minded to the concept of a "large scale catastrophe" because their world view was "anti-supernatural". Some may say that science doesn't deal with the element of belief, they are ju
what does the movie about the electric eel illustrate?
The concept of irreducible complexity.  Life is too complex to have been formed over long ages.  This evidence points to some sort of intelligent design (designer)
What is a great product of "the fear of the lord"?


Phil 2:5-8 implies that humilityis also a characteristic of God.  

1 Peter 5:6-7 humble yourself that God may lift you up, cast all your cares onto god because he cares for you.  I think this is a hopeful position

what is the difference between the world view of christianity, judaism, and islam?

the character and nature of God.  All three hold the same origin story. 

Christians believe god as: infinite, personal, transcendent and immanent, sovereign, omniscient, and good.

Why do people believe what they do? (worldview background)

1. sociological reason (parents, friends, society, culture)

2. Psychological reasons (beliefs give meaning and purpose, give a sense of identity, sense of peace)

 3. Religious reasons