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Scientist who traces the spread of a disease through a population.
The basic unit of structure and function in living things.
germ theory
The idea that infectious disease are caused by germs which can be spread by people.
The flat platform where you place your slides. Stage clips hold the slides in place.
optical lens/ eyepiece
the lens at the top that you look through. They are usually 10X or 15X power.
total magnification
Objective lens magnification x ocular lens magnification = total magnification
Creatures that are too small to be seen with the naked eye. (includes microorganism and viruses)
objective lenses
Low power= 4x Medium Power = 10x High Power = 40x
The ability to make things look larger than they appear.
A type of organism that is made up of many cells.
A disease that can be pass from one person to another
A disk underneath the stage that controls light.
fine adjustment knob
Moves the stage slightly to focus objects
cell theory
A widely accepted explanation of the relationship between cells and living things. 1. All living things are made of cells 2. Cells are the basic unit of structure & function 3. All cells are produced from other cells
field of view
The area visible through the microscope.
An organism that spreads disease-causing germs to humans, usually without getting sick itself.
A person who is infected and is contagious but never develops symptoms of the disease or develops the symptoms only after a lengthy period of time.
coarse adjustment knob (course focus knob)
Moves the stage to focus the object.
A breakdown in the structure or function of a living organism.
A type of organism that is made up of one cell. ("uni"=one)
The isolation of a person or animal who has a disease (or is suspected of having a disease) in order to prevent further spread of the disease
The bottom of the microscope, used for support

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