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Science fossils


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a hollowed out space int he shape of a once living organism OR when hard body parts leave a dent or depression in sediment that has already begun to harden
when minerals move into and harden inside the space left by a decaying organism-always 3-D
Step 1.
The animal dies, falls to sea/lake bed-soft parts decomposed by bacteria-hard parts remain
Step 2.
Sediments continually fall down from the water above and settle on and around the skeleton
Step 4.
Water may dissolve the bones, leaving a mold fossil or fill the mold with minerals forming a cast fossil
any kind of ancient life preserved in a rock or other substance
when soft body parts such as leaves or feathers leave an impression in the rock
when the hard parts of a dead organism are changed to stone
a scientist who studies fossils
when an entire animal is preserved in amber, ice, or ash, or tar (Jurassic park movie)
Step 3.
The sediments compact into rock, and water slowly replaces the chemicals in the bones with hard minerals

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